Simply Pure: A Genuine and Passionate Cannabis Experience


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Simply Pure Dispensary – Denver, CO

The Place:

Nestled in the Lower Highlands, around the corner from Little Man Ice Cream and across the street from Uncle Ramen, is Simply Pure, a high-end ‘Mom and Pop’ cannabis boutique with an engaging environment and modern, mountain-town vibe. “Women dominate our workplace at Simply Pure,” asserts Wanda James, CEO and Co-owner. “They make up key positions in our grow operation and retail shop. I believe in empowering the women around me to be bold, to learn and grow in this industry—and I am happy to help make that happen.”

The Product:

Simply Pure carries high-quality cannabis, a vast edible selection with all of my personal favorite brands and a killer variety of concentrates that keeps a constant flow of regulars in the store. The strain that stuck out to me was their Jet Fuel, a popular, funky, diesel-scented sativa that tests between 24 and 31 percent THC. Simply Pure has their terps processed by Quest Diagnostics, and their jars full of saucy, golden, crystallized flavors couldn’t have looked—or smelled—more on point.

Simply Pure Dispensary - Denver, CO
Simply Pure Dispensary – Denver, CO

“Our employees are required to take and pass a 50-question test over compliance and product knowledge before ever helping a customer,” notes Brian Nowak, Manager at Simply Pure. “The staff of highly educated Budologists at Simply Pure is something that sets us apart from the rest.”

The People:

Simply Pure is owned by the first African American couple to own a dispensary and edible company in Colorado. Power couple and entrepreneurs Wanda James and Scott Durrah are five-time restaurant owners, military veterans and founders of the Simply Pure School of Gourmet Cooking. They assisted in writing policies on medicinal cannabis and Amendment 64, and also worked with a number a Governor Hickenlooper’s cannabis work groups post-legalization regarding edibles, packaging, dispensary operations and communications. Wanda went on to found Cannabis Global Initiative, a marketing and consulting firm that specializes in cannabis production, dispensing and processing, regulatory framework and political outreach.

SP hosted “420 Boss Women” during the month of August, where they promoted and displayed 14 companies owned and run by women in the cannabis industry. These companies include Stillwater Brands, Kush Kards, Canyon Cultivation, Mary Jane’s Medicinals, Better Baked, Purple Monkey and more! Altogether, these women have 118 employees, 30 female Managers, and a combined monthly sales revenue of approximately $1,150,000 dollars. These women don’t compete with another, but instead encourage and empower one other as powerhouse players in the ever-evolving cannabis industry.

Simply Pure Dispensary - Denver, CO
Simply Pure Dispensary – Denver, CO


Melissa Joy

Melissa was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, where she couldn’t stay out of trouble for smoking weed--especially during college. Immediately after graduating with a business degree from Elmhurst College in 2012, Melissa made her way to the safe smoking haven of Colorado, where her love for live music and music blogging eventually led her to a part-time writing position with DOPE Magazine. Melissa enjoys medicating with indica-dominant hybrids, and will never say no to a big solventless glob. When she isn’t busy writing, Melissa loves spending her time in the mountains with friends, practicing her violin, and exploring the never-ending amounts of dank breweries and restaurants in Denver.

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