The Simpsons Have The Last Say: A Stoned Consideration of the Simpsons Predicting the Future

The Simpsons’ writers may know more about our reality than what we believe on the surface.

Could it be that The Simpsons have a psychic grip on our reality and we are missing the warnings they have been sending us all these years? Are the show’s writers sending us subliminal messages and we’ve been neglecting to see them for what they really are? 

Puff, puff. I’m not about to pass this joint. Let me sit and ponder something real quick. Are we talking self-fulfilling prophecies, life imitating art, or even soothsaying? It could be any of these, so let’s hash it out.


It could all be a big hoax. Media and television shows are controlling the masses. Hollywood is in on it. The people are brainwashed. They basically predicted the stupidity of the American people.

Prediction of Trump election. Aired in 2000.


Matt Groening could be wall street agent sharing information with companies for secret profits. He provides intel for corporate-America payouts.

Smart watch technology, aired in 1995.


Or he could be an undercover CIA Agent working to undermine international relations.

Downfall of Greece, aired 2012.

Puff. Puff.

Life imitates art and celebrities could be nothing but hype. Society teaches us to value wealth and status and it could be distracting us.

Goo goo for Gaga. Aired 2012.


The writers, conjuring all these ideas years ahead of time, could have manifested them in the future. They literally could have spoken them into being.

If I were the tiger I would have mauled them too. Aired 1993


These predictions could be subconscious warnings to the American people to look out for conspiracies. Don’t eat neither the red nor blue pill. Pass. Here, hit this joint instead.

Is that some wacky tobaccy grown with those nuclear tomatoes? Aired 1999.

Puff. Puff.

Reality is what we perceive to be true about the world around us. In Matt Groening’s mind nothing is out of the question. Therefore, anything is possible, and the Simpsons’ world is his oyster. He must also be puffin’ tough, putting that green ganja goddess to work her magic. Are we part of Homer’s Odyssey?