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Sisters of The Valley CBD

Sister Kate is certainly not your typical nun. In fact, most people would not consider her a nun at all, but Sister Kate and the Sisters of The Valley emulate five elements of a traditional convent lifestyle—with their own variations, of course.

As is expected in the monastic community, the sisters live together on the property. They wear the same clothes, take a vow of obedience (to the moon cycles), a vow of chastity (which doesn’t require celibacy) and a vow of ecology, which means they must do no harm while making products. It was this very commitment toward ecology that led to Sister Kate becoming a self-proclaimed nun.

Sister Kate started Sisters of The Valley as a company dedicated to erasing the negative stigmas surrounding cannabis while uniting women who believe in the plant’s healing powers. Following the moon cycles, the sisters only manufacture cannabis from the new moon to full moon and hold a ceremony under the stars to bless their work table while giving thanks to Creator God and Mother Goddess for calling them to this profession.

As driven activists, the Sisters of The Valley are “on a mission to empower people to heal themselves.” Their array of products reflect this ethos, including cannabidiol-infused oils, tinctures, salves, gel caps and even a clary sage spray—in case you can’t burn sage on the go! The Sisters continue to ordain new nuns into their order in hopes of changing perceptions about the healing power of cannabis and the importance of respecting “the breadth and depth of the gifts of Mother Earth,” shares Kate.

Featured Products:

Sisters of The Valley CBD Clary Sage Spray
Clary Sage Spray

Sisters of The Valley CBD Topical Salve
CBD Topical Salves
$35 and up

Sisters of The Valley CBD Infused Oil
CBD Infused Oil
$45.00 and up

Sisters of The Valley CBD CBD Tincture
CBD Tincture
$45.00 and up

Sisters of The Valley CBD Gel Caps
CBD Gel Caps
$144 and up

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