Sitka Gold Hash


In the coffee shops of Amsterdam, Lebanese Gold reigns supreme alongside its coveted cousin, Lebanese Red. Made entirely by hand, the Middle Eastern style of hash making doesn’t involve any solvents or ice water, leaving the finished product pure and full of cannabinoids. The Gold is more sativa, while the Leb-Red is traditionally made from mature indica flowers.

Therapeutic Benefits

As the days get steadily shorter and wetter in the Pacific Northwest, Sitka’s Leb-Gold offers a respite from the rainy day blues. It may help with easing depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder as it is potent and inspiring but not overwhelmingly psychoactive. It has also been known to relax stiff joints and knead out deep muscle aches.


The small ‘S’-stamped cubes are creamy tan, almost yellow and have a perfectly cakey consistency. It is dense and sounds like a pebble in the jar, yet with a bit of body heat and effort, chunks will peel right off. It has beautiful packaging; look for the ornate lines of Ottoman art crisscrossing into an unmistakably Lebanese archway.


A strong fragrance of lemon is immediately noticeable. The blonde hashish has a much brighter scent, perfumed with the blossoms of citrus trees, while the red is earthier, with a complex body of fertile soil and spicy herbs. A subtle lavender quality slips in after a couple big whiffs, ending the experience on a floral note.


The thick, rich smoke is layered with sweet lemon, incense, and spices. It has the classic hash taste that proves this stuff is authentic, hand-made goodness rather than the over-heated pressed kief that is routinely passed off as hashish in the states. There are slight hints of chocolate as well as hazelnut making for a tasty treat.


Sitka’s Lebanese Gold is cheerful and upbeat with a calming feeling of overall comfort. With its heady euphoria and stimulating energy, it’s easy to see why this type of hashish has gained such high favor throughout Europe. The Leb-Red is much more narcotic and generally contains more THC, producing a heavily sedative bodily relaxation.

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