Six More Weird Stories That Will Make You Question Reality

You devoured our last roundup of mind-expanding stories, so we’ve curated six more of the weirdest, WTF-inducing items sure to send you into a google tailspin. Perfect for first date conversation starters (depending on how cool your date is), philosophical smoke sessions, and generally weirding out your loved ones.

Get your tin foil hats ready once more, and let’s dive in!

1. This creepy Emergency Alert System that ran hours before a train crash in Hoboken, New Jersey:

Coincidence? Possibly. Here’s the text that ran on WKTV’s Emergency Alert System: “Civil Authorities have issued a Hazardous Materials Warning for The United States. Effective until September 29, 02:16 AM EDT. Would you. Could you. On a train? Wait for further instructions.” The next day, one passenger died and over 100 were injured after a train crashed in Hoboken.

2. There’s another Bermuda Triangle…in spaaaaaace!

Known as the “South Atlantic Anomaly,” astronauts have reported seeing unexplained blinding flashes of light while orbiting over the South Atlantic sea. The radiation from these SEU’s (“single event upsets”) mess with computer and satellite systems, resulting in a lack of recorded data while in this so-called triangle.

3. Unusually large parasites have been found in a North Korean defector:

We all remember the news last year of a North Korean soldier fleeing to the South Korean border. Turns out he was hosting a plethora of worms in his intestines, which is not uncommon for citizens of impoverished nations. Doctors, however, were dumfounded by the size of the worms, one of which was “11 inches long.”

4. We’ve had the technology to teleport since WWII, but don’t know how to do it without people’s limbs gettin’ all mixed up:

In 1943, the USS Eldridge left Philadelphia to become the unlucky maiden test voyage of a “new kind of magnetic field,” supposedly enabling the craft to remain undetected by radar. According to witnesses, the ship disappeared, showed up momentarily in Virginia, then reappeared in Philadelphia a few hours later. Members of the crew were “found partially embedded in the steel hull of the ship; still alive, but with legs or arms sealed to the deck.”

5. Illuminati meet at the Denver airport:

With weird art (see below) and supposed underground bunkers, many believe there’s something strange going on at the Denver International Airport. This theory has everything: Nazis, the Illuminati, secret lairs, numerology…your layover just got a little more interesting.

6. As our lifespans increase, we’ll have to reframe our ideas about the “stages of life”:

 Less freaky, more “huh, I never thought about that.” A nice palate cleanser, if you will. 200 could become the new “middle-aged” in a world where we may live to be hundreds of years old, and society is going to have to catch up. How will our family units change? Our careers? Our romantic partnerships?

Freaked out once again? Me, too! Leave your favorite WTF stories in the comments so we can keep this weird train runnin’!

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