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Smokus Focus: Flower Stash Jars



SMOKUS FOCUS: Flower Stash Jars 1

Upon first glance it’s easy see what makes the Smokus Focus jars so exciting.

This airtight jar with six small LED lights circled around a magnifying lid for your viewing pleasure is lightweight, and currently offered in four different colors; red, blue, green and black.

“The future is bright and easy to see with Smokus Focus.”

With their evolving line, Smokus Focus has engineered a smart thoughtful product with the flower enthusiast in mind. This company that started with an idea to become your official display jar of the cannabis industry is making waves. They plan to be on dispensary shelves everywhere with the launch of their upcoming glass Escojars, which can hold up to a  quarter-pound of flower and pocket size jars perfect for any adventure.

Look for them on, “Bong Appetite,” as Smokus Focus brightens up the screen with their innovative jars.


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