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Clarified Snickerdoodle Cookie



Snickerdoodle Cookie by Clarified

Snickerdoodle Cookie by Clarified

C is for cookie, classic and Clarified, whose Snickerdoodle is outrageously tasty, bringing me back to growing up eating melt-in-your-mouth cookies. This version is green and heavily medicated! Clarified butter (ghee), salt, sugar and spice balance into this delectable confection. There’s an art to making consistent, delicious baked goods, beginning with the ingredients. Clarified take extra care to source sustainable, local and organic ingredients to cook, infuse ghee with whole-plant cannabis and dose each cookie precisely. Ghee is an Ayervedic superfood! It’s recommended one start with 1/16th of a cookie. I ate a quarter and felt desired effects start melting relaxation into my shoulders. Appetite kicked in, and then my body sank into the couch. Make sure to have plenty of food handy, because once a bite is taken into a Clarified cookie, it will inspire a desire to eat more!Snickerdoodle Cookie by Clarified

Available At…


  1. Farmhouse Artisan Market: Sonoma/Marin County Delivery Service |
  2. Purple Heart Patient Center: 415 4th St., Oakland, CA 94607
  3. Elemental Wellness Center: 985 Timothy Dr., San Jose, CA 95133


  1. Herbarium: 979 N La Brea Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90038


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