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Snow Squall: Today’s Forecast Calls for Trichomes



Snow Squall by The Green Solution 

Snow Squall by The Green Solution

Presenting Snow Squall, a delicious cross between Appalachia and The White, cultivated by the talented growers of The Green Solution. This powerful, potent hybrid provides a pleasant cerebral buzz and tingling physical high. The aroma is reminiscent of pine trees and mango, while the flavor profile is pleasantly sweet and earthy. Snow Squall’s high myrcene content makes this strain ideal for relaxation, pain relief and has the added benefit of being anti-inflammatory. The nugs themselves are dense, robust and coated from top to bottom in a jacket of frosty trichomes. Even though this strain leans towards the indica side, it’s an ideal choice for a subdued-yet-functional cannabis experience.

Snow Squall by The Green Solution 

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