Space Ghost OG Terp Diamonds

Terps on the Rocks


  • Test Results: 82.3% THC
  • Tested By: MM Lab |
  • Facebook: @denverdabco
  • Instagram: @denverdabco
  • Twitter: @DenverDabCo
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Space Ghost OG Terp Diamonds by Denver Dab Co.

Denver Dab Co.’s Space Ghost OG Terp Diamonds deliver a cosmic, clean high with some hefty flavor and potency. These terpene-rich gems contain just over 82 percent THC; best believe it’s full speed ahead with this myrcene-, ocimene- and caryophyllene-rich hydrocarbon extract.

Bright and pungent, Space Ghost OG commands a strong presence akin to a stiff tropical cocktail ‘on the rocks.’ Its delightfully cerebral, uplifting high dulled my aches and stiffness. I found this strain highly relaxing, but not so much that it tired me out; instead, a feeling of calmness and ecstatic relief left me saying “yes” to just about anything.


Available At…

  1. The Apothecarium: 7885 W Sahara Ave #112 , Las Vegas, NV 89117
  2. All The Dispensary NV Locations

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