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Space Monkey: Prepare Your Senses for Blastoff



Space Monkey by Den-Rec

Space Monkey by Den-Rec

I am always impressed with the quality of Den-Rec’s flower, but this Space Monkey hybrid is something extraordinary. This indica-leaning dominant strain is a cross between Wookie 15 and the iconic Gorilla Glue #4. Trichomes sheet its immaculately cultivated nugs, which are accented with little rusty orange hairs. Upon opening the jar, your nose will detect nuances of lemon, lavender and musky hops. Instead of leaving you feeling glued to the couch, Space Monkey is a surprisingly invigorating strain, ideal for daytime or evening consumption. It provides a potent yet stimulating high and will make you relaxed on the outside and bubbly on the inside.

Space Monkey by Den-Rec

Available Exclusively At…

Denver Recreational Dispensary (Den-Rec)


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