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Spectral Totem: A Molecular Masterpiece



Spectral Totem: A Molecular Masterpiece 1

Local glass artist Jake Oliver moved to Colorado in 2012 after a brief period of studying soft glass in California, and currently resides in a community studio in Boulder. This piece was Jake’s first project after taking a prestigious class at Glass Alchemy in Portland where he was fortunate enough to study under notable glassblowers such as Banjo and Phil Siegel and Tyson Peltzer:

The main inspiration for Spectral Totem was a desire to see more. When I see a blank bong, it looks to me like a canvas that can be decorated and filled out. During a trancelike state, I observed the piece and the sculptures presented themselves to me.

Music is a paramount aspect of Jake’s work routine, and he’s found that listening to different genres bring different energies into his creative space:

Jerry is always hanging around somewhere, and for the late nights and early mornings I listen to a crew of homies who have been getting it. Erothyme, kLL smth, Atyya, Random Rab, Kalya Scintilla, Templo, Desert Dwellers Downtemple Dub…the list goes on. Tipper and Shpongle usually play a large role when I’m finishing pieces.


Jake’s favorite way to medicate is with solventless bubble and rosin. CBD crystals are also crucial for his back pain and relieve a lot of discomfort while in the studio.

The colors that make up Spectral Totem consist of Meta-Terrania and Calypso from Molten Aura Labs and Serum from Glass Alchemy.

Jake’s short-term plans include going on a collaboration tour, chilling and snowboarding.

Spectral Totem by Jake Oliver


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