Stillwater Brands

Stillwater Brands has developed an innovative line of THC and CBD edibles to bring a much-needed product to the trending low-dose edibles market. Their cutting-edge technology brings unmatched capabilities in water-soluble creations, changing the cannabis infusion game.

Clear, consistent dosing and pure ingredients makes the Stillwater experience perfect for those looking for a functional edible to fit any lifestyle. Focused on enhancing almost any activity with their convenient line of calorie-free products, the dissolvable cannabinoid-infused Ripple and Stillwater teas are intriguing and easy to use. The fast-acting doses of cannabis can seamlessly infuse almost any food or beverage at your desired dosage level. We were lucky enough to have some of the Stillwater team take us on an immersive day in the Stillwater Life. We started at their impressive facility in Commerce City, Colorado, to see how things have developed since the company began in 2014.

Our guides for the day, co-founder and brand director Missy Bradley and research and development and supply director Keith Woelfel led us through the kitchen, which looked more like a fun laboratory than a place for combining food with science. Keith joined the company after spending over two decades in the product development side of the food industry. He worked with billion dollar brands like Mars before coming to Stillwater to put his expertise to a new use, and with the rest of the Stillwater team was able to perfect the water-soluble cannabinoid product.

Stillwater Brands

Filing into the main room of the warehouse, we saw the immaculate production areas and learned about their machinery, which has been repurposed from various food and pharmaceutical industries. As we talked more about how their products came to fruition, we learned that Stillwater came into existence because one of the co-founders’ grandmothers was looking for a low-dosed edible that wouldn’t affect her diabetes. She struggled with feeling safe knowing how much to consume, and how it would affect her. She also wanted something with a low enough dose that she could potentially use it to help her husband’s Parkinson’s Disease. This tale made the lifestyle side of the brand all the more real. The forward-thinking founders of this company are focused on helping grow the market by showing people how to apply cannabis to their lives in a comfortable, safe and understandable way.

We then headed to a yoga class to explore cannabis’ relieving effects firsthand. We arrived at Evolve Yoga, where we were greeted by citrus-infused water and our own sample of the new Ripple Relief, a 20:1 dissolvable CBD/THC. At 10mg of CBD and only 0.5mg of THC, the anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety components were in full swing, with little to no psychoactive effect. Our group went through a memorably meditative yoga session, leaning deeper into the stretches as the edibles dissolved into our systems.

Stillwater Brands

Sipping on the Ripple Relief before and after the yoga class kept my muscles feeling loose and my mind relaxed amidst the excitement of the day. We wrapped up our workout and headed to the Denver Tea Room for an afternoon of crumpets, cakes and cannabis. Infusing our cups with Mellow Mint, Gentle Green and Blissful Black Stillwater and Whitewater teas, guests discussed the flavors as we tried the delightful organic 2.5mg and 10mg THC blends. This exceptionally High Tea was a fun and fancy encounter with edibles that most canna-curious tea drinkers would go gaga over.

As the afternoon wound down, the group headed to a private cooking class to see the line of Ripple products in action. The educational class about food and cannabis was led by the Food Network-famous Chef Dave Hadley, the first cannabis chef to be featured on Chopped. We were guided through a captivating infused meal preparation, smelling foreign spices and talking about the role of various terpenes in the food. The class was focused on making the food your own, and your using your palette as inspiration. We cooked and co-created with our groups while the fast-acting edibles started to take over, eventually laughing the night away, sipping on infused mango lassi and reminiscing by candlelight about a day none of us would soon forget.

Stillwater brands has composed a wonderfully adaptable line of edibles that keeps the dosing guesswork away and the good times ready for almost any occasion.