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Stillwater Tea Sticks: Nourishing Infused Tea Blends



Stillwater Tea Sticks: Nourishing Infused Tea Blends 1

2.5mg THC per Tea-Stick – Tested by: CMT labs

Introducing Stillwater tea sticks, a healthy, guilt-free way to indulge in marijuana while still experiencing all of the calming and medicinal benefits of a warm cup of tea.

At Stillwater Blends, flavor is highly coveted and a critical part of the company’s process. Each tea has been selected to complement their strain-specific cannabis extracts. These low dose tea sticks, 2.5mg of THC to be precise, allow you to relax and focus without losing any functionality. No cannabis aftertaste, no calories, just honest and organic infused tea. This is a truly unique way to medicate, no matter your level of cannabis experience.


  • Mellow Mint: caffeine-free | indica
  • Gentle Green: lightly caffeinated | indica
  • Blissful Black: caffeinated | sativa

If you want to up the dosage, try their “Whitewater Blends.” Same delicious flavors with a higher amount of THC (10mg per tea stick).

The tea blends themselves aren’t the only thing on point. Stillwater recently won Best Retail Packaging at the 2016 Cannabis Awards.

Stillwater Tea Sticks

Stillwater Tea Sticks

Check out Stillwater’s website for recipe suggestions including Holiday Nog, Half and Half, Green Apple Iced Tea and Coco-ginger-n-mint Iced Tea.


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