The Mysterious, The Unique:Madrone’s Ingrid Soothes and Inspires

Test Results: THC: 20.86% – CBN: 0.10% – CBG: 0.23%  |  Tested by: CW Analytical Laboratories

In a small village in Austria, Ingrid is slang for all cannabis, as in Ingrid(ients). Ingrid was sourced from Zurich, and her lineage is unknown. A fitting name for the rogue plant. The buds are exceptional, trimmed to impress; springy and firm. They are frosty bright green, with orange pistils and speckles of rose. Her fragrance is sweet cheese, grape, pine and a little spice. While smoking, the sweet, cheesy, spicy and fruity qualities remained, adding a little wood to the flavor.

Calm is almost immediately felt after the first puff. Pain, stress and anxiety are counterproductive, which leads to more stress and anxiety. As effective as a massage, Ingrid helped me regain focus towards my goals for the day, and when I was done, I drifted away into a deep, satisfying and accomplished sleep. Patients can also turn to Ingrid for relief from menstrual pain.


Available at: ReLeaf Herbal Cooperative 1284 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94103 | Telegraph Health Center 3003 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94609 | Natural Herbal Pain Relief Cannabis Club 2121 S 10th St. San Jose, CA 95112

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