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Strawnana Guava: Full Flavor and Potency Minus The Solvents



Strawnana Guava Ice Sauce by Vōda Concentrates

Strawnana Guava Ice Sauce by Vōda Concentrates

Colorado-based Vōda Concentrates produces a signature collection of solventless, live-resin extracts called “Ice Sauce.” They strive to bring unparalleled quality and optimum terpene preservation to the recreational market at a more attainable price than most of the other solventless brands. The Strawnana Guava Ice Sauce is absolute dabbing perfection. These gorgeous THCa crystals swim in a pool of golden terp-sauce and deliver a smooth, balanced, full-flavored hit. A cross between Strawnana and Papaya, you can expect a taste as sweet as a fruit smoothie paired with hints of mango and peppery afternotes. This indica-dominant hybrid provides sativa like effects, offering the best of both worlds. Consume during the day or evening for a euphoric, physically relaxing and cerebrally stimulating high.

Available At…

A Cut Above Dispensary: 1911 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

Mile High Dispensary: 1350 S Sheridan Blvd., Denver, CO 80232

Magnolia Road Cannabis Co.: 1750 30th St 84A & B, Boulder, CO 80301


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