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Breaking News: Study Finds Gene That May Predict Reaction to Cannabis



Breaking News: Study Finds Gene That May Predict Reaction to Cannabis

The large discrepancies found between how smoking weed effects one person versus another have always been a source of great debate. Now, gene science is attempting to quantify and explain the subject as never before.

So, just why can certain people smoke weed all the time and not freak out? And why do others have a borderline psychedelic experience that scares them off the herb forever?

Translational Psychiatry published the revealing study on February 16th, which included the details of what U.K. researchers found when exploring their discovery of gene AKT1, which they linked to individuals who find themselves more susceptible to the psychoactive effects of cannabis. The study involved 442 cannabis users who were tested for psychotic-like systems when high, then a week later when not high. Data included measurements of symptoms and memory loss, and concluded that those with a certain variant of the AKT1 gene had a significantly stronger reaction to the cannabis they consumed. Here, symptoms of magical thinking and paranoia prevailed.

Researchers concluded that there is a genetic link between cannabis and the experienced psychosis of certain users.

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