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Sweet Grass Cannabutter



Cannabutter by Sweet Grass Kitchen

Cannabutter by Sweet Grass Kitchen

Sweet Grass Kitchen just flexed on the entire edible industry with the commercial release of their cannabutter — a whole stick of full-flower cannabis-infused butter with ten perfect pats for easy measuring and dosage. Each slice contains 10mg of THC, and is the equivalent to a tablespoon of butter, making it simpler than ever to experiment with cannabis-infused cooking without the hassle or guessing of making your own cannabutter. No more mess, no more potency errors, just straight up cooking transparency. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savory, it’s always a good idea to keep a stick of Sweet Grass Kitchen Cannabutter in your fridge to help bring your canna-concoctions to life.

Cannabutter by Sweet Grass Kitchen

Available At…

  1. All LivWell Locations
  2. All Terrapin Care Station Locations
  3. Peak Dispensary: 260 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203


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