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Swerve Confections wants to make edibles part of your love life. Co-founders Eden & Brian have come up with a romantically innovative way to medicate, combining Ayurvedic herbs and exotic super food ingredients with ice water hash to make a unique edible for you and that special someone.

Affectionately named Snuggle Bites, this cannabis aphrodisiac had me and my beau completely “love stoned.” To set the mood, we paired the intimate treats with hot tea. Their flowery taste is reminiscent of the aroma in a teashop. Hearty and nutritious, the strong flavor prevents you from eating too much.

Snuggle Bites are powerful enough that the effects of a single dose can be felt within minutes. Each dose contains 50mg THC; a full bar contains four doses. Ingesting a single dose each, my lover and I shared passionate time full of internal reflection and vocal affection, and the feelings were not only physical. Over time, sensual arousal and stimulated visuals set in as warmth saturated our bodies like a steady ember.

The effects of Ayurvedic medicine can linger for days after ingestion; this was especially noticeable with the herbal blend used in Snuggle Bites. Floral oils like rose and geranium are used to mask Indian herbs like shankha pushpi, kapikkachu and ashwaghanda. These herbs cast an invigorating love spell, not necessarily increasing libido but gearing people towards appreciating the fullness of life.

Uniting the ancient herbal practice with cannabis is dramatically healing, but not for the faint of heart. Amplified feelings of love after taking these bites are not only romantic, but also extend to those who surround us and the people we’ve lost along the way. In our state of heightened sensitivity, my beau and I are reminded to have fun and spread the love. Overcoming the impulse to remain in each others arms, we woke the town with the shuffle of our feet to the beat of spinning records.

Snuggle Bite
Snuggle Bite
  • Shankha pushpi is a memory-enhancing herb used to expand world view. It reportedly boosts serotonin with healthy alkaloids for muscle relaxation and pain relief.

  • Kapikkachu is a proven aphrodisiac with success improving sexual behavior, libido, potency, and testosterone levels to name a few.

  • Ashwaghanda translated from Sanskrit means “the smell of a horse,” alluding to its strength. Often compared to ginseng, it rejuvenates well-being.

On the path to a better tomorrow, Swerve Confections offers a whole line of Ayurvedic edibles aimed at cannabis consumers who “think before they eat; think before they buy; think before they smoke.” Also available are the sativa-fueled Buzz Energy Bar and the indica-infused Snooze Bar. Swerve packs their bars with whole ingredients like goji berries, maca, cacao nibs, and global spices. Almost everything is organically sourced and their hash comes from terpene-rich, Clean Green Certified outdoor Mendocino flowers.

Swerve Snooze and Buzz Energy Bars
Swerve Snooze and Buzz Energy Bars

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