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SXSW: The Sex and Cannabis Panel in Review



SXSW: The Sex and Cannabis Panel in Review

History was made last week at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. For the first time, the tech and music festival featured a 3-part cannabis programming track, sponsored by Leafly. This was certainly not the first time cannabis has been a panel topic or presentation at SXSW, but it was the first time a cannabis company was an official sponsor.

I was lucky enough to moderate a panel on “The Surprising Health and Sex Benefits of Cannabis,” as I mentioned in last week’s blog. But since my deadline was before the panel, I didn’t get to tell you all how it went! Let me just say—it was epic. Great feedback in the room, engaging questions and plenty of Twitter interactions to scroll through afterward.

I reached out to my co-panelists to get their feedback on their favorite part of the experience, best quotes or key takeaways.

My feeling during and after the panel was one of intense gratitude. I was so happy to share a stage with these incredible humans who are doing such powerful, passionate work. I loved seeing where our ideas and perspectives overlapped, and also where they diverged, with each of us reflecting our own unique cannabis experiences. I’m on a mission to help people learn how to mindfully and deliberately combine sex and cannabis to deepen pleasure and enhance intimacy (solo or partnered), and it was great to share my passion with the SXSW audience! I brought my vulva puppet, giving the room a quick anatomy lesson while I explained how to use the Foria Pleasure spray. I also got the chance to remind attendees that “not all women have vulvas, and not all vulva owners are women,” in an effort to be more inclusive to trans and gender nonconforming folks, which someone in the audience actually tweeted about in appreciation.

Chris Sayegh, The Herbal Chef, had a great comment during the panel that garnered smiles and applause from the audience: “I think it’s important to note that if you are uncomfortable talking about your cannabis use, then maybe it is not a cannabis issue, rather a self-confidence issue.” So spot on! He went on to share his panel experience, noting that “the overall take-away is that cannabis can be a great accent to an overall healthy lifestyle, if used in a way that is best for your mind and body.”

Molly Peckler, founder of Highly Devoted Coaching and our resident love and relationship expert, had this to say: “The panel was such a success because it was the perfect mix of education and entertainment. Most people don’t understand the benefits of mindfully consuming cannabis to enhance your life. All four of us use cannabis to naturally connect with others and stay present in the moment. This plant is a tool for expanding your horizons and honing in on what you truly need to be happy and fulfilled, and I’m pleased we were able to spread this message outside of the cannabis industry.”

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Brittany Confer, Director of PR/Marketing for Foria, excitedly shared: “My experience at SXSW was a thrilling re-inspiration of how much conversation still needs to be had across the globe. In California, we are pretty saturated with cannabis information, education, cannabis business, debate and discussion; it swirls comfortably around us so much so that when we do cross over into new state markets, it’s easy to forget not everyone has even very basic knowledge of cannabis, and how it can be beneficial to the body both medicinally and experientially. Watching the reactions as we spoke, and hearing the questions from people from Texas, Puerto Rico, Florida and Australia who swarmed me after panel, was invigorating and drives me to continue to travel and share this cannabis knowledge with the world.”

We all agreed that the panel was a resounding success, and hope to come together again at other events and conferences to share knowledge about sex, health and cannabis.

What sex and health questions would you have asked this group of cannabis experts? Tell us in the comments!




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