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Trichome Tuesday: Tangie



Trichome Tuesday: Tangie
Test Results: 20.72 % THC, .04% CBD


Allegedly the same genetics as the Tangerine Dream that was popular in the mid-’90s, before vanishing into cannabis folklore. Tangie has been rediscovered (and renamed), becoming an overnight favorite and winning countless awards in the last three years. The original cross was a Skunk hybrid and California Orange bred in Amsterdam over two decades ago.

Therapeutic Benefits

This is a great strain for clearing out the cobwebs, lifting the spirit, and focusing one’s energy. The scent alone is therapeutic and relaxing, instantly calming my mind and encouraging a cheerful disposition. Tangie is known as a top notch stress reliever, gaining favor as one of the best mood enhancers around.


The buds are small with the largest among them weighing less than a gram. It grows like a sativa stretching out long, skinny buds and sparse, thin leaves. There is a good amount of resin coverage, and true to it’s the name, it takes on a pale orange tint in the right light.


Incredibly fragrant flowers, to the point this almost doesn’t even smell like cannabis. The tangerine aroma is intoxicating and overwhelmingly delicious and quickly wins enthusiasts over. One of the most popular strains of today, Tangie’s fruity floral scent must be smelled to be believed. It’s aroma sets it apart.


True to the scent, the taste of this smoke is mouthwatering and has been known to induce heavy salivation. The flavor of orange popsicle lingers for up to an hour after enjoyment, and it’s one of the most flavorful strains we have ever had the pleasure of trying.


A quick burst of energy is trailed with an extended period of euphoric relaxation. It’s heady and brings a sense of clarity coupled with quite intense psychoactivity. Colors seem brighter, music is more enjoyable, and daily stresses melt away. One of the biggest side effects of Tangie may just be craving Tangie nonstop all day long.

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