Tech Thursday: Cannafo: All Of Your Cannabis Needs In One Place


Cannafo: All Of Your Cannabis Needs In One Place

Cannafo is a website dedicated to bringing “top quality products, services and information” to not only the thousands of cannabis-based businesses around the globe, but to consumers as well. Cannafo aims to provide up to date information on a broad spectrum of topics within the industry, including policy and media information, dispensary information such as store menus, along with profiles on strains and where seeds can be found. Not only does the site provide information, it also has an area where you can purchase hydroponic supplies, sourced from select manufacturers.

The site also is angling to be a sort of LinkedIn for the cannabis industry. Cannafo sees this feature as a way of accessing all sources within the cannabis industry, ranging from producers, processors and dispensaries, to fertilizer companies and labs that can provide testing.

While the website only launched a little over a year ago, Owner and Founder Kelly Martin has a vision for Cannafo. He wants to provide a resource that encompasses the entirety of the cannabis industry. One area that continues to grow is their News section. The site updates news and information from a variety of media sources, including High Times, The Huffington Post and the Cannabist. Beyond news, Cannafo also houses information on growing; from each step of the process, to the differences between indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grows, to a database for the diagnosis of plant health issues.

The team at Cannafo has the daunting challenge of finding and gathering all material that may be of value to a grower, consumer or dispensary. While the team admits that they’re still in the beta stages, they intend to expand and broaden their scope to cover all realms within the cannabis industry.

The website also has a category dedicated specifically to medical marijuana. As there are significantly more states that have medical laws than recreational, it is notable that there is a resource targeting such information. Within the “Medical” category, you are able to look at the varying state laws, look for a doctor in your area, learn about how to apply for a medical card and see what strains treat what symptoms.

Overall, Cannafo has much to offer any visitor to their website. Whether you’re a consumer, producer or distributor, Cannafo wants to be your one-stop shop for all things cannabis. While they are definitely setting the bar high, they fully intend to deliver. As their site expands and grows, they want to be your primary go-to source for any and all cannabis information.


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