Bodhi Primus Terp Sugar Bho: May the Terps be with You!

Coming from a history of producing amazing extracts, Bodhi’s Primus Terp Sugar is in a class of its own. As soon as the Bodhi gold cap pops, you can smell the terpene range immediately. Having a blond, granulated appearance, the Primus BHO makes your mouth salivate with aromas of pine, clove and citrus.

Bodhi Primus Terp Sugar

While a slight feeling of sedation crept up behind my eyes, it subsided pretty quickly and I was able to function cognitively on tasks at hand. The bodily stresses of the day faded away the instant Carophyllene terpene effects arrived. The terpene range is largely noticeable with the bodily effects that the Primus strain houses not to mention this product came out with almost fourteen percent terpenes!

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