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Terrapin Care Station- Broadway: The New Hookup for Denver Locals



Terrapin Care Station- Broadway: The New Hookup for Denver Locals

Terrapin’s newest recreational only location in Denver has a calm, relaxed vibe with a knowledgeable and helpful staff. While they only opened on August 1st, the store has seen the creation of many regulars already! The employees here strive to provide a quality experience to both locals and people who happen to wander into their store as they stroll down Broadway. Regardless of who is purchasing, Terrapin knows loyalty is valuable, so they offer a great program that gives customers a $42 credit for every $420 spent. They also offer a discounted price scale for IDs reading Denver County: including $17.50 eighths!

This cozy storefront boasts beautiful hardwood floors and exposed brick; located in a super convenient business corridor, it’s the perfect place for locals to access great deals. There is a plethora of restaurants, bars, and retail shops in this neighborhood, so the store has noticed tons of foot traffic.

Terrapin offers a wide range of great strains like Grapefruit Durban, Ugly Stepsister and Glass Slipper. Their most popular being Hells Angel OG. They also carry all of Colorado’s favorite edible brands like Cheeba Chews, Wana and Blue Kudu. Terrapin offers tons of specials deals like eight grams of concentrate for $175, and an ounce of flower for $115 before tax. One of the most distinctive products is their signature “Terrapins,” five grams pre-rolled into 10-13 joints for $30. Well what about concentrates, you ask? Craft and Happy Camper process all of Terrapin’s concentrates, and they’ve seen up to a 30 percent yield with their plants. Other popular concentrates are also sold here, including Viola Live Resin and Incredibles Extracts’ Frozen Monkey.


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