Knox Medical: A Closer Look at Texas’ First Medical CBD Dispensary

Texas Compassionate Use Act

While Texas has gained a somewhat notorious anti-medical and recreational stance towards cannabis, baby steps have recently been taken by the passing of the Texas Compassionate Use Act in 2015. The law states that those suffering from intractable epilepsy, specifically, can receive a prescription from a qualified, registered doctor for low-THC, high-CBD cannabis if two other treatments have been proven to be ineffective.

The first dispensary to receive the license to grow this low-level cannabis was Knox Medical, a dispensary in Schulenburg, Texas. The quaint town of 2500 about 90 minutes southeast of Austin is the host of the first legal medical dispensary in Texas. To gain a better insight into the Knox Medical and how the first dispensary in a oftentimes anti-marijuana state.

Texas Compassionate Use Act - Knox Medical CBD

Based out of Miami, Knox Medical is unique in that they use CO2 extraction as opposed to butane. According to Florida law, there are ten conditions that qualify a patient for medical cannabis and those conditions range from ALS to cancer and PTSD.

As opposed to their retail dispensaries in other states, Knox Medical has no brick and mortar location in Texas. Instead, they hand deliver their products to their patients.

Now in the small town of Schulenberg, Knox Medical plans to have their first shipments of CBD oil for intractable epilepsy patients within the next few days. To keep track of patients and exactly how much medicine they’re given, Knox along with the other two dispensaries will be using the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas online interface, or CURT.

In this interface, physicians must place an order for a patient and specify exactly how many milligrams they’re prescribing for their patients to ensure safe access and delivery.

Knox’s list of CBD products are both expansive and equally as impressive. They provide sublingual drops, vape cartridges and capsules. And at 15 cents per milligram, it costs about $45 for the 300 milligram vial and $90 for the 600 milligram.

Texas Compassionate Use Act - Knox Medical CBD

Since intractable epilepsy is currently the only condition that permits the use of this CBD oil, several of the qualifying patients may not be familiar with cannabis or any cannabis products. To be accommodating, Knox Medical is very precise on the quality and more importantly the quality of the oil.

Scott Klenet, the employee I spoke with, said that Knox has personally received stories of patients having multiple seizures a day. Yet with their products, those patients are now having maybe one or two seizures a week.

While the new CBD program may be restrictive, if it’s indeed successful then this could be a stepping stone to more cannabis options for patients in Texas.

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