The Building of an Empire

It starts with a dream. Almost everyone with a love of cannabis and a desire to run their own business has thought of starting a dispensary. But the reality of wading into legal waters, unearthing reliable market-tested products and catering to your customers ever-changing appetites for new products can lead the best intended decisions to ruin. Whether you’re developing a new product to bring to market or you’re a dispensary owner looking for that new breakout hit, Pharmer’s Market has the answers.

In the heart of the Rouge Valley lies a company working feverishly to become a sizable empire in this new cannabis market. The goal, to deliver a consistent, quality product. That means building longterm relationships one company at a time. If you want to become the next Monsanto of cannabis, you might not like the communitydriven artisanal producers and dispensaries Pharmer’s Market strives to attract. Through a system of networked partners, licensed dispensaries and product suppliers, Pharmer’s Market has helped build up many new and existing cannabis businesses with their all-encompassing services and dedication.


Secure, climate-controlled delivery solutions paired with a dedicated and reliable delivery system help businesses reach a wide customer base. With a professional team that strives for customer service excellence, Pharmer’s Market offers competitive pricing with easy online ordering, invoicing and reports. If there is a problem with excess inventory, Pharmer’s Market can even supply you with secure, temperaturecontrolled storage. Pharmer’s Market has built strong relationships with a network of licensed dispensaries and suppliers that make up about 25 percent of Oregon’s local cannabis companies. Although they are an up and coming company, they are making great strides in fully integrating themselves into the fabric of this new industry—serving companies in Portland, Central Oregon, Southern Oregon and the Coast!

Besides delivery solutions, Pharmer’s Market has an umbrella of business solutions that provide both professional tools and consulting services. Pharmer’s Market can aid businesses in creating a streamlined and profitable workflow while simultaneously offering companies access to one of Oregon’s leading distributor of cannabisinfused, OMMP-compliant products.

“The goal, to deliver a consistent, quality product. That means building longterm relationships one company at a time. If you want to become the next Monsanto of cannabis, you might not like the communitydriven artisanal producers and dispensaries Pharmer’s Market strives to attract.”

Pharmer’s Market specializes in providing business solutions to their partnered suppliers and licensed dispensaries throughout Oregon. Their professional consulting services aim to avoid some of the common pitfalls that can swiftly end a cannabis business. Working at a dispensary in Portland, I’ve seen the hard work it takes to turn a profit in the very tight margins we wiggle around. The only person laughing to the bank is the taxman in this game. This kind of information is invaluable to a business owner.

They also offer full marketing and training services to better promote products. This not only provides a consistent product message, but gives employees valuable direction when treating patients. Increasingly, people are coming into dispensaries with a list of symptoms, and want competent and informed sales people to aid them. Having access to the latest trends and product information will help improve entire communities. As for the back end of the dispensary where the real work never ends, Pharmer’s Market will offer cloudbased technology for tracking inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable very soon. Wondering what new products to stock? What is actually selling? Soon they will be able to offer a virtual selection of inventory in real time. Their product selection and inventory consulting can help you identify what products are moving the best for your particular area based on other dispensaries’ past sales.


Do you have the best chocolate chip cookie on the planet with the desire to add a little cannabis magic to it? Or a farmer that is looking to stand out in the market? With co-branded product development, Pharmer’s Market can help you develop, brand and market your product to the entire state! They have local companies networked to provide logo, branding and packaging solutions that convey the producer’s message to customers. They also help new growers with creating a mission statement, logo and website to help their farm stand out. They even have a land use consultant that specializes in OHA, and OLCC licensing for the cannabis industry—aiding in county approval, county permits and water rights.

Phamer’s Market is not your typical upandcoming cannabis company. They are forging relationships that will benefit the entire cannabis community by showing suppliers and dispensary owners that together, they can help support each other, grow our industry and the State of Oregon. Someday, my hope is that Oregon will become the top cannabis state in the country, by working together we can overcome anything the naysayers throw at us!

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