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The Herb Center may be Bend, Oregon’s best-kept secret, though, clearly not for long. This vibrant shop is the mecca of organic therapeutic cannabis for discerning, organic connoisseurs. Just north of the heart of Bend, they sit within a beautiful piece of local history. The eye catching, century-old mosaic stone building is home to Bend’s first dispensary, and they’ve proudly provided Oregonian patients with top quality cannabis for six years. With an abundance of parking and a wheel-chair accessible ramp leading up to the front door, this business has core values that center on serving the highest quality care to their patients and it shows.

Walking out of the cold through the front door of this landmark building, a warm welcome awaits from supportive and inspired staff. Beautifully presented in spotless glass displays lining the sides of the shop, the colorful hand-blown glass pipes on display give things an art gallery vibe. Helpful budtenders initiate conversation, keeping good company with those waiting for their private consultation. A digital menu displays vivid flower and concentrate images. There’s also a run down of the available edible selection, as well as a huge array of organic options. The details given here allow a patient to get a head start on finding the right strain for them, even before their consultation. At The Herb Center they understand that the education and empowerment of patients to figure out which strains and cannabinoid profiles best combat their ailments is a life-changing experience.

The Herb Center also sets itself apart from other dispensaries with one of the widest selections of flower and concentrates seen to date. Their entire menu of strains is grown and processed in-house using true living, organic soil. This technique provides patients with the highest quality medicinal output possible from the cannabis plant. Similarly, the concentrates offered range from tinctures and CO2 oil, to ice water extraction and clear concentrates. With patients as inspiration, The Herb Center has successfully created a family business, offering compassionate prices to those in the most need. Help us support business that are supportive of so many others, and check out The Herb Center when in Bend. It’s the experience many patients with medical conditions have been looking for.

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