Join ‘The High Club’: Chico’s Newest Delivery Service

The People

The High Club Collective, a medical delivery service in Chico, California, is raising the bar for patient care. After meeting the owners and operators, the reason for their recent rise to the top was clear: they truly care for all their patients. Every. Single. One.

Co-founders, Ceres Cook and Alejandro De Jesus, hailing from Minnesota and New York, respectively, saw an opportunity to make a difference in Chico, and to participate in what will surely be a hot market for cannabis entrepreneurs. Christopher McCray soon joined to head up deliveries and customer service. Since opening, these three have provided patients with consistent, high-quality medicine, professional and caring delivery practices and prices that are fair and affordable.

The Product

THC specializes in flower, all of which is grown locally and organically, with options ranging from top-shelf indoor to sun-grown. In addition to bud, they have a great selection of concentrates and edibles that only continues to grow. “We’re meeting new vendors weekly,” says THC, “and have had great connections built with companies like VCC Brands, Sunderstorm, and most recently, Big Daddy’s Edibles, who worked with us to develop his newest cookie: The Double Chocolope Cookie!” They’ve also just launched their own deluxe pre-roll line, and have partnered with Weedmaps to promote this new treat.

The Business

The High Club shows no signs of slowing down. Every day more patients join, and they’re starting to attract attention: “We’ve partnered up with popular names such as HelloMD, GetNugg, and more recently, DOPE Magazine.” With adult-use in California just on the horizon, DOPE asked what their next big move will be. “As of now,” responded THC, “we are a medical cannabis delivery service that is primarily focused on the needs of our patient base in Chico. We are actively watching the development of recreational cannabis, and will take action in a way that serves the needs of our patients, as well as keeping us in compliance with all rules and regulations set forth at that time. Ideally, we’d love to have a storefront and expand into other medical cannabis-friendly areas of California and our home states.”

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(530) 332-8202 Chico, California. No physical Address (Delivery Service)

Store hours: 11am-8pm Daily. Closed Tuesday

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