The Mint Dispensary: On-Site Kitchen First Of Its Kind


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  • Address: 5210 S Priest Dr. Guadalupe, AZ 85283

The Mint Dispensary – Guadalupe, AZ

Fresh is always on the menu at The Mint Dispensary kitchen, the first full-service cannabis kitchen in the country. From pizzas to fries and baklava to pies, nothing lasts longer than five days before it’s incinerated. “We’re a cannabis kitchen—we want to be held to a higher standard,” owner and COO Raul Molina explains. “If I’m going to ask you to pay $70 for a 1,000mg[THC]pizza, you should get a beautiful pizza that tastes great[and]is properly medicated… Everything is fresh, everything is vegan or vegetarian.” Products contain 25 to 1000mg THC, but Molina says many patients don’t need medicine on the higher end of the milligram spectrum, as freshly-prepared food hits harder than typical pre-packaged edibles.

The Mint Dispensary - Guadalupe, AZ

The People

Serving healthy food is important for classically-trained executive chef Carylann Principal. “I’m a cancer survivor. I always like tomato sauce, which is [filled with] vitamin C and really good for you, really good for people who are fighting cancer,” Principal shares. She helped open Liberty Market in Gilbert, Arizona, and Echo Coffee in Scottsdale and is protective of the people she serves. “I consider the kitchen kind of a lab, so everything has to be pristine at all times,” Principal states, noting that, as head chef, she does not allow workers to come in for three days after being sick: “We have immunocompromised people coming in here all the time.”

The Mint Dispensary - Guadalupe, AZ

The Location

Becoming part of the The Mint Dispensary’s 12,000-square-foot building didn’t happen easily — originally slated to open in May 2018, the grand opening was pushed back to October 2018 to accommodate multiple regulatory agencies who were skittish about the country’s first cannabis kitchen. Principal took that time to finalize the menu, with Molina noting he gained 10 pounds from eating Principal’s non-medicated baklava, a favorite of both. Their Friday through Sunday special — and most popular item — is a 250mg THC pizza, a dozen hot wings with 250mg THC and four 10mg THC Keef Colas for just $49.

The Mint Dispensary - Guadalupe, AZ

“We’re a cannabis kitchen — we want to be held to a higher standard … If I’m going to ask you to pay $70 for a 1,000mg [THC] pizza, you should get a beautiful pizza that tastes great [and] is properly medicated.” –Raul Molina,The Mint Dispensary owner and COO

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