The Reef Capitol Hill: Hot Spot for Pot Geeks


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The Reef – Seattle, WA

The new Capitol Hill cannabis dispensary The Reef caters to “pot geeks,” says co-founder Adam Simon, who opened the first iteration of The Reef in Bremerton in 2015. Simon recently partnered with Aaron Bennett to bring the technologically forward-thinking shop to Seattle proper in the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood. “So many different cultures collide in Capitol Hill,” voices Simon. “We’re excited and interested to meet everyone’s cannabis needs.” To give you an idea of the inspiration behind the new dispensary, look no further than a mural of Jacques Cousteau on the building’s exterior. “We want to offer a sense of exploration and adventure to our customer,” says Simon. “That’s really important to us.”

The Reef - Seattle, WA

The Place

While The Reef is an expansive store in the “counterculture Mecca” that is Capitol Hill (it took over the old Amante Pizza and Pasta restaurant space), what stands out most about the shop is their online and in-store ordering system. Customers can search the online interface and pick up products immediately in the store, which is located on Olive Way in the burgeoning heart of the neighborhood. “We know the diversity of our customers on Capitol Hill,” Simon notes, “and we want to make sure we have enough depth in each price segment to meet the needs of the people coming in.” Furthermore, five percent of the store’s profits go directly to charities like Lifelong AIDS Alliance and Washington Wild. It’s a win-win!

The Reef - Seattle, WA

The Product

Simon explains that The Reef is focused on offering products of “high quality and great value” for their customers. And while the dispensary offers meticulously curated items — often sorting them by terpene profile — the shop is also one of the biggest in Seattle. “We are very careful about our vendor selection,” says Simon. “We learned a lot about that in Bremerton, about building good relationships with farms.” In fact, Simon says, the dispensary is so adamant about carrying pesticide-free products that they conduct random weekly laboratory tests. “We let our farms know that if anything comes up amiss, they’re responsible [for taking] the products back.”

The Reef - Seattle, WA

“We know the diversity of our customers on Capitol Hill, and we want to make sure we have enough depth in each price segment to meet the needs of the people coming in.” – Adam Simon, The Reef co-founder

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