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The Uplift | June: The Art of Being Flexible

June will require you to stay on your toes, Aries. The month starts out with a busy New Moon on the 3rd, requesting that you get a handle on your personal affairs and pay extra attention to close friends, siblings, your correspondences and errands.



The Uplift | June: The Art of Being Flexible

The Uplift | AriesAries (March 20 – April 20)

June will require you to stay on your toes, Aries. The month starts out with a busy New Moon on the 3rd, requesting that you get a handle on your personal affairs and pay extra attention to close friends, siblings, your correspondences and errands. It may seem never ending as your phone rings off the hook with a flurry of messages and dates to add to your brimming calendar. Take it in your stride and try not to get too bogged down in what you can’t do, instead focusing on what you can. Communications are highlighted now, making it an excellent time to reawaken conversations that have gone unresolved or simply reach out to people who you’ve been thinking about and haven’t had the chance to connect with. Get involved in the local community, show your face and your ideas, and you may be surprised by who you inspire with your words. Mars, your ruling planet, is kicking his feet up at home and pulling you towards keeping your activities local and close to what’s familiar. Try not to get into petty skirmishes with family as everyone seems to be especially sensitive. Down time with loved ones and working on projects around the house can help to offset whatever pressures you may be feeling at work. The Full Moon on the 17th will draw you back out into the wider world and ask you to examine your faith, philosophies and the ideals that act as a guiding light in your life. Do they still work for you? Do they lift you up in times of crisis or stress? If not, it may be time to reconsider and look around you for tenets that will carry you through the trickier days ahead.

The Uplift | TaurusTaurus (April 20 – May 21)

You may find yourself experiencing a financial hangover after the spending spree you went on for your birthday season, Taurus. No worries, the heavens have your back with the energy needed for you to get your accounts in order. The New Moon on the 3rd wants you to take a hard look at your finances and figure out how you can diversify your income streams and create more wealth for yourself. If you need to spend money during this time make sure it’s for the things that you actually need versus frivolous things you’ll forget about by the end of the week. Make a budget you can stick to that will help you to invest in major purchases when the time comes. Your ruling planet Venus is in the same state of mind once she moves into Gemini on the 8th where she’ll be encouraging you to notice your sense of security and self-esteem. What do you value, Taurus? What are your financial desires? What do you want to attain for yourself? This is the time to assess, budget and then spend on those things that make you feel good but also grounded. Just be sure to put some away for a rainy day. The Full Moon on the 17th will be helping to transform your life so pay attention to what comes up for you around this time, especially when it comes to intimate relationships, emotional baggage and other people’s money. If you need to take out a loan or a line of credit this may be a good time to do so, be careful of who you loan money to and follow up on settling any debts you may have and can take care of.

The Uplift | GeminiGemini (May 21 – June 21)

Happy Birthday, Gemini! As you start another spin around the sun, the Universe offers you an opportunity to set new intentions for the year ahead. Use the New Moon in your sign on the 3rd to make a wish or two about what you want to manifest. You may want to write your wishes out on paper just to add extra energy to it. Your planetary ruler Mercury moves into sensitive Cancer on the 4th and brings your attention to the things that you say you value, but do you really? This is a time to reflect on what your desires are and how they motivate you to go out and get them rather than  just staying in the realm of ideas and talk. Pay attention to what comes up around your values, desires and finances around the middle of the month as you may find yourself challenged by external forces to reckon with how your thoughts are playing out in the real world. Venus comes to visit you starting on the 8th so enjoy the playful joie de vivre energy she brings to the table. Make an effort to fall in love with yourself. Dress up, get a new haircut, add beauty into your life and watch it flourish. The Full Moon on the 17th is all about learning the balance between yourself and your relationships, what works and what doesn’t work? Who is a true friend, lover and partner and who is an enemy? As endings tend to happen around this time, wish people well with love if the relationship has come to its natural end while also reflecting on how you’ve played a part in the dynamic and whether changes need to be made to have different results in the future. It’s your astrological new year, Gemini. Start it on the right foot.

The Uplift | CancerCancer (June 21 – July 22)

Chances are you’re feeling a need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. Leading, making decisions and handling every day affairs can start to add up and feel like a burden when we don’t take time to replenish our reserves, Cancer. Use the New Moon on the 3rd to take a backseat and just relax. Getting extra sleep, daydreaming, lying out in the sun and watching the clouds go by is just as important as anything else in your life so make sure that you make time for it. A little bit of seclusion never hurts and will afford you time to reflect on your year to date as your birthday season quickly approaches. Dream up what you’d like to accomplish in the year ahead while acknowledging and putting to rest whatever you’d like to leave behind. Standing out in the crowd may be the least of your desires at the moment but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your energy in ways that can be of service to others. Sign up for behind the scenes or volunteer activities that allow you to give yourself freely and receive gratitude and appreciation back in return. The Full Moon on the 17th will have you reconsidering your health and daily routines as you move into another year of life. What can you let go of so that you can include more supportive activities that give you the energy to keep pushing on with your goals? You may want to make a list of goals that you have in mind alongside the current ways of being that can get in the way of achieving said goals. Note what can be gradually changed for better results and begin making steady progress in that direction.

The Uplift |LeoLeo (July 22 – August 23)

Dreams can come true with a little help from your friends, Leo. June is a month for socializing and networking with a powerful New Moon on the 3rd urging you to go out and be amongst the people. Get involved in organizations or groups that share your beliefs and hopes for the future and enjoy being in your company. If you’ve been skipping out on Happy Hour or other colleague related activities, this would be a great time to start saying yes. Go out to the museums and charity events, get involved with people who dream of a future that’s close to your heart. Invest in the community by putting extra time and money into seeing them grow and flourish. Keep your eyes open for the people that meet during this time, especially once Venus joins that party on the 8th, making you extra attractive and giving your friends the impulse to set you up on dates with people who may be up your alley. Romantic or not, the people that you connect with at this time will be open to your passionate ideas and dreams so don’t hold back, Leo, putting yourself out there could lead to creative collaborations that get you one step closer to where you want to be. The Full Moon on the 17th wants you to continue to follow through on your creativity, and dedication to having fun by releasing the people and situations that no longer bring that energy into your life. Romantic bonds may start to ebb at this point if they’re already on their way out, as will creative projects that need to wind down so that new ones can come into your life. Just try to be empathetic to others, as in don’t break people’s hearts cruelly if you can avoid it. It’s fine to enjoy life’s pleasures and joys, just don’t go too crazy and it’ll all work out in the end.

The Uplift | VirgoVirgo (August 23 – September 23)

June is a month of assessing your ambitions and goals, Virgo. Start with the New Moon on the 3rd to jot down some notes surrounding the ideas you’ve been playing with regarding your career, reputation and what you want to be known for in this world. If you’ve been feeling blocked mentally this is a great time to allow yourself to be curious and see where random thoughts take you. Converse with coworkers and make an effort to voice your own ideas and see how they unfold. The key to Gemini energy is to explore ideas for the sake of exploring without getting attached to an outcome. Mercury, your planetary guide, will be asking you to get into the mode of exchanging ideas with those who share in your vision for the future. Open up, chat about what’s close to your heart, speak with compassion and empathy and see how that supports not only your friends and colleagues, but you as well. Positioning yourself in this way also gains you the support you need to tackle those career goals. You never know who’s in your corner sharing your ideals so be sure to open up to talk about those big dreams you have. The Full Moon on the 17th wants you focus on Home and Family but also your life direction. As you shift between career and home notice what works and what doesn’t. It’s at home that we can re-orient ourselves to our inner North Star, remind yourself of your “Why.” Why do you want to achieve your goals and do you have the foundational support to make it happen? Make a point of ending defeating patterns at work or at home so that you’re able to fly smoothly towards your dreams.

The Uplift | LibraLibra (September 23 – October 22)

June is a month to break through the monotony of your life and dare to explore the unknown. Whether this involves jumping on a plane, train or automobile to visit someplace far away and new, or simply falling into a new world via studying, or exploring through people, culture and food the New Moon on the 3rd wants you to broaden your horizons rather than shut them down. Follow through on the things that make you ask questions and push you to learn more about yourself through the experiences of others. Venus, your planetary ruler, adds to this love of the foreign on the 8th so watch who you meet and how they encourage you to love the nuanced differences that is found between people and their various points of view. Pay attention to what you learn during this time as well as how it influences your long term goals, you may find that it provides direction as well as confidence when dealing with others and incorporating their contributions to the mix. The Full Moon on the 17th wants you to take what you learned on a global scale and bring it back to your local community. Wrap up any projects you have, finish up writing and correspondence, don’t stress out if the workload seems especially heavy at this time, just do what you can and allow the rest to be resolved in its own time. If there’s anything you’ve been meaning to get off your chest this would be an ideal time to put thoughts into words and say exactly what’s on your mind.

The Uplift | ScorpioScorpio (October 22 – November 22)

Who are you deep down inside, Scorpio? What do you want and do you feel like you deserve to have it? The New Moon on the 3rd is all about looking at your shadow self and the things that make you feel uncomfortable. Typically the new moon in this part of your life is all about looking at what you owe to others like money, but also the emotional ties and baggage that exists between you too. Take note of the relationships in your life that feel one sided or otherwise unfulfilling. Can they be salvaged and healed or do they need to be released so that healthier bonds have an opportunity to take their place in your life? Settle your debts both financial and otherwise and make an effort to tweak parts of your life that feel unsatisfying. You may not have to commit to a full purge of your life, but letting go of old patterns, clutter, people and thoughts could do wonders for your state of mind at this time. Mars, your planetary ruler, wants you to think and dream a bit bigger by getting out into the world and into new environments that stimulate your mind and imagination for something more. Go out on an adventure whenever possible, whether it be to a foreign land or into a new story that expands your mind with hope for the future. Just keep an eye on your budget, Scorpio. The Full Moon on the 17th brings to light your financial situation, your spending habits and the things you need in your life to feel confident and secure. Don’t fret if you don’t have it all together just yet. Trust in your ability to succeed when your back is up against the wall while also praising yourself for the accomplishments and successes that you’ve had so far.

The Uplift | SagittariusSagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

The world can feel small and claustrophobic when we’re too isolated and in our heads, Sadge. June opens up with a New Moon that encourages you to partner with others so that you can gain different perspectives beyond your own. Your relationships with other people whether romantic, platonic or antagonistic serve as a mirror to what’s meaningful to you. Consider it a lesson in contrasts and a deeper understanding to what makes you tick. Set an intention to enjoy some one on one with people to see what kind of relationships you need to invest more time into. Choose the ones that challenge you to be curious and play devil’s advocate to get you to reconsider previously held beliefs. Your mind will start to probe for deeper meaning in your life as Mercury moves into Cancer on the 8th and asks you to consider the underlying passions that drive you. If you’ve been feeling listless and disconnected it could be an excellent time to talk to a counselor or trusted confidant about what’s been on your mind. The Full Moon on the 17th marks the halfway point of your year, offering a bright light on you and what you need to feel satisfied. Evaluate what’s working versus what isn’t within yourself as well as your relationships. It’s okay to have a good cry around this time as Full Moons have a way of heightening our emotions so don’t worry about maintaining the image of being cool if that just isn’t the case.

The Uplift | CapricornCapricorn (December 21 – January 20)

Time to organize and streamline your day-to-day affairs as well as take a good hard look at your health and how your environment may be affecting you, Seagoat. The New Moon on the 3rd is all about looking at your daily routines and figuring out what can stay in your life and what absolutely must go for your own benefit. Have you been eating and sleeping well? Getting enough exercise and fresh air? How about your work environment? Do you enjoy your current line of work and colleagues? If you work alone or from home, are you being as productive as you could be or do you need to change it up in order to see the results you’re after? Don’t attempt to make all the changes at once and you may want to hold off on jumping to a new job just yet if one appears. Set achievable goals for yourself and do your best to follow through. Saturn, your planetary ruler, is spinning backwards at the moment and helping you to re-access the kind of responsibility you’re willing to carry. If things are too heavy and hard to accomplish you may want to unload a few things from your daily list of demands. Get into the habit of delegating and asking for help from coworkers and associates so that you don’t feel so burdened. The Full Moon on the 17th will demand that you enjoy so much needed relaxation and rest so that you don’t find yourself burning out. Dreams can provide inspiration and direction at this time if you’re unsure of where to go next, so keep that dream journal handy and pay attention to the signs even if they seem otherworldly. Chances are you have a fleet of unseen support just waiting for the opportunity to step in and give you a hand. All you gotta do is say yes, Capricorn.

The Uplift | AquariusAquarius (January 20 – February 18)

It’s time to get out of the house and into the world, Water Bearer. Where’s the party at? Wherever it is, be sure that you’re the one to find it. The New Moon on the 3rd wants you have a good time and set intentions to be creative and pleasure seeking for a change. Wave the dark shadows from your mind for a change and enjoy the process of creating. Get your hands dirty in some paints, blast your music, dancing, play with children, go to the carnival, go to shows, do anything that reminds you that life is for living. Embrace all the things that make you stand out in the crowd and don’t shy away from the spotlight. If you’ve been in the mood for a little romance and love, Venus joins the festivities on the 8th, granting you extra luck and charm in attracting partners who want to enjoy this ride with you. Say yes and throw your troubles to the wind for a while. The Full Moon on the 17th wants you to take a look at the friends in your life and whether they bring joy and vision to your life. Note that friendships and shared projects may come to an end at this time, but never fear, as you’re out socializing and merry making you’ll come across new friends and lovers who share similar ideals and wishes for the future that sync up with your own. Enjoy yourself, Aquarius, and by the time the Summer Solstice arrives on the 21st it’ll be time to buckle down and organize your life structure and routines again.

The Uplift | PiscesPisces (February 18 – March 20)

If you’ve been feeling lost at sea, Pisces, June is a great month to get yourself together. The New Moon on the 3rd will be asking you to start a new story around your Home & Family life. Is home a place that you can go to recharge and feel stable or is it a bit of a chaotic mess? Make a plan to do some late spring cleaning and see if that helps to ground you more. A messy home can sometimes translate to a messy life. Know that you don’t have to do this all alone either. What’s the point of having close family and friends if they’re not invited in to help care for you when you need it most. Consider having a little party and invite loved ones in to give you a helping hand, and who knows? Maybe a little garage or stoop sale could be exactly what you need to socialize, have a little fun and organize at the same time. Mercury moving into Cancer brings in creative thoughts and an opportunity to put your mind to personal projects that that you’ve been putting off due to heavier responsibilities. It’s time to lighten up and play a little more than usual and watch how that feeds your energy. Dabble in creative writing, painting, playing with friends, enjoying music and dancing, even if at home, to move your energy if you’ve been feeling down and in a funk. Enjoy the restorative downtime ahead of the Full Moon on the 17th, as the heavens will be drawing you into the public eye where your work will be noticed and you’ll be in high demand for your talents. Take advantage of the praise and acclaim you receive while also noting if this is the direction that you truly want to go down. Is this what you’ve always dreamed of, Pisces? If it isn’t, it’s time to make some adjustments.



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