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The Uplift | May: Making Steady Gains



The Uplift: May 2019

The Uplift | TaurusTaurus (April 20 – May 21)

Happy Birthday, Taurus! Here’s to a new year of life that’s brimming with possibility and change! Use the New Moon to set an intention for your year ahead. Who do you envision yourself to be? How do you want to present yourself? This energy is ideal for renovating yourself. Start with changing up your wardrobe and style so that it feels more authentic to the person you can feel starting to emerge from within. Be bold Taurus and take up space. Talk about yourself and your interests, invest in your appearance, flirt a little more than usual, radiate confidence and watch the world flock to you. It’s your season so live it up. Mars moving into your House of communications on the 15th will have you up and running with a busy social calendar and the desire to speak your mind on everything. Sometimes so much mental energy and movement can lead to anxiety so be sure to take a moment to breathe and take care of yourself while you attempt to stay on top of your schedule. The Full Moon on the 18th will give you a chance to reflect upon your relationships with others and how they fit into your life. Full Moons can mark endings, so stay alert to partnerships you still feel emotionally drawn to and want to invest in, versus the ones you can feel are coming to an end. To those who leave, wish them well and send them off with a slice of birthday cake. No hard feelings, that’s just the cycle of life.

The Uplift | GeminiGemini (May 21 – June 21)

It’s good to take breaks from the world, Gemini. Even though you’re a sign that typically thrives in the fast lane of constant communication and information, even your wires can get fried from over exposure. Put the screens down, all of them, and try to relax. The New Moon on the 4th wants you to retreat and enjoy some solo time just to recover and reflect before you start your birthday season. Working alone on personal projects, sleeping, daydreaming, meditating or however you like to wind down would be ideal. Keep a dream journal handy for any inspiration that beams down from nowhere as it can be insightful guidance for what you’re about to do next in your new year of life. The Full Moon on the 18th for you is about tying up loose ends around your health, daily routines and your daily grind at work. Notice what feels good and what doesn’t in this part of your life. Are you getting enough exercise? How’s your diet? Are you enjoying your day to day activities and the job you have to report to everyday? Make a plan to edit and adjust what doesn’t work so that you can either leave for greener pastures or modify things in such a way that you are more energized, focused and efficient. The Sun and Mercury your ruler move into your sign on the 21st heralding the start of your birthday season and a whole new cycle. Rest up, Gemini. Before the celebrations begin, you’re going to need it!

The Uplift | CancerCancer (June 21 – July 22)

What do you want for yourself and the world, Cancer? This month the heavens are focusing on your hopes and wishes for the future by asking you what the big dream is. If you don’t know, not to worry, the New Moon on the 4th plus a happy cluster of Taurus planets will be encouraging you to go out and socialize with like-minded people who can help you to visualize what you want to see take root in your life in the near future. Network, shake hands, laugh, play, enjoy friendship and community while keeping in mind the ways that you want to add to the whole. Keep a special eye out for people who light up your imagination with their own dreams and they could make for great collaborative partners in the near future. Mars enters your sign on the 15th, starting a new two year cycle for you around self-assertion and stepping out with confidence. Sometimes this energy can make you pushier and quick tempered so watch out for the moments where you find yourself losing your cool. Try to funnel some of this fresh energy into taking intuitive yet decisive action on new projects you’ve been meaning to undertake. The Full Moon on the 18th wants you to make an effort to enjoy yourself. Dabble in your paint set, dance, flirt, do the things that bring you joy, as they’re meant to inspire you to create more of the same in the world. You may not feel especially inclined towards working at this time but that’s okay: the Sun and Mercury move into your House of the Unconscious, allowing you to rest, recuperate and reflect upon your experiences of the past year and what you want to achieve next ahead of your birthday season.

The Uplift |LeoLeo (July 22 – August 23)

All eyes are on you for the first part of the month, Leo. If your mind has been career advancement of somehow promoting yourself to the next level, start considering what that would look like in time for the New Moon on the 4th. This is earthy Taurus energy, it likes to take its time taking root, so plan for projects and goals that would take a patience as well as attentiveness to really flourish. Think of your reputation as a prize winning garden that naturally draws the eye. It’s fine to show what you can produce, but be mindful about staying on the up and up with your activities, as unethical or unseemly behavior could be equally as noticeable. Use Mars’ remaining time in Gemini to actively go after hopes and wishes with colleagues and friends, socializing, networking and taking charge now may lead to additional professional gains. The latter half of the month is the perfect time to start gearing down your energy to enjoy some rest, relaxation and family time. The Full Moon on the 18th and Mars moving into Cancer is all about retreating, recharging and dreaming of what you want to do next as well as wrapping up unresolved issues and projects at home. Full Moons help us to see the balance that exists between two parts of our lives, so use this one to see just how much time is being spent at work versus home and where a new balance needs to be struck so that you can have the best of both worlds supporting you.

The Uplift | VirgoVirgo (August 23 – September 23)

You may find yourself feeling more restless than usual, Virgo. The New Moon on the 4th will be giving you a gentle nudge to break out of your normal routine. Life is full of adventure and new things to see and learn, why not go out and see it? If you’re able to book yourself a flight to a place on your bucket list, do it. If long distance travel isn’t in the cards then try engaging your mind with new cultural, philosophical and spiritual experiences. Set an intention to stay open to the new and different and watch how doing so colors your life. Mars starts to fire up your desire to act on your hopes and wishes for the future, so grab a friend or two to help you work on a project that you’re feeling excited about and need help with. You may find that you get by a lot easier with a little help from your friends at this time. The pace of your life shows no signs of slowing down, especially with a Full Moon poking at you to finish up projects, deal with miscommunications and generally be so busy with others that you may feel slightly overwhelmed. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Virgo. Simply focus on what you can handle and let the rest handle itself. Do your best to delegate and communicate what you need and call it a day.

The Uplift | LibraLibra (September 23 – October 22)

This month calls for you to be passionate about your life, Libra, May opens with a sensual New Moon in Taurus asking you to take on some intensity. Ask yourself what gets your blood moving and what you can do to encourage it to grow in your life. Even if it scares you, it might be for you, Libra, so try not to shy away from what draws you in. Most big dreams take courage and funding so use this month to connect with the people you think will be onboard with your vision and get busy with collaborating and brainstorming your next steps. Mercury and Venus entering Taurus on the 6th and 15th respectively will support you in talking and thinking about your passion projects while also sending some luck in receiving loans and donations to get them off the ground. The Full Moon on the 18th will help illuminate the story around your finances by asking you to pay attention to not only how you spend your money, but how you feel about yourself when you do. Self-worth is often reflected in our bank accounts, so if you’ve been feeling tight financially, look into where you can block a few drains on your resources. Look for some wiggle room to make changes, while investing in yourself so that you can draw in more financial gains with confidence in the future. Mars moving into your Career & Reputation House will lend a hand with intuitive action. If you have a hunch or a feeling about a particular goal or project, use your courage and emotional fortitude to push through to the end as fate may be pulling you towards your next big step. The Sun and Mercury’s move into Gemini on the 21st will have you looking outside your window for new scenery to encourage expansive ideas and visionary goals for the future, so allow yourself to be inspired by the world at large and see how you can incorporate it into your work.

The Uplift | ScorpioScorpio (October 22 – November 22)

Who have you been partnering with, Scorpio, and are they worth the investment? May is a month to get you clearer about the dynamics of your relationships with others. Whether it be romantic, platonic, contentious or business related, the New Moon on the 4th will help you start a new story around improving your connections. For you, relationship are literal investments as you tend to accumulate relationships the last for years, however with Uranus in this part of your world for the next eight years, it could be time to start sweeping out stale or overgrown bonds that have overstayed their welcome. To make your weeding experience easier, ask yourself if the people you’re around are bringing beauty, pleasure or money to the table. If they aren’t it may be time to cut them loose. Thinking about your relationships, talking about them and enjoying the pleasure they bring will help you out by the time the Full Moon rolls around on the 18th. The emphasis will be on you and what makes you tick; what patterns you’d like to let go of about yourself while acknowledging the role that you play within your relationships. Full Moons tend to be emotional when they hit us like this, so be gentle if you find yourself feeling particularly sensitive and reactive so do your best to breathe and forgive yourself and others for being human. Choose wisely how you invest your energy, as when Gemini season hits you’ll be looking to enter into more serious partnerships that hold a lot more weight and responsibility.

The Uplift | SagittariusSagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

May is the month to take care of yourself, Centaur. The New Moon on the 4th will be seeking out new routines for you to get into. Make the doctor’s appointment, look at what you’ve been eating, notice how your body feels and what you can do to nourish and heal it. Don’t let yourself off the hook for bad behavior, but don’t obsess about your health either. The key to health for you is doing things that you can stick to that also brings you pleasure. If it brings you joy and makes you feel good, go with that rather than forcing yourself to do things you’ll eventually quit out of aggravation. This is also an excellent time to streamline and organize your life. Admit it Sagittarius, you can’t do it all no matter how optimistic you are. Make a list of the top things that have to be done, set a daily goal and start plowing through your to do list. Step by step is the only way forward under this energy so try to stay focused. Mars moving into Cancer on the 15th will bring about an urge to transform whatever isn’t working for you anymore. You may find yourself feeling more intensely driven to change, just watch out for obsessive behaviors and the need to control all things. The Full Moon on the 18th will draw you back into yourself to reflect and recharge your batteries. This would be a good time to pay attention to your dreams for any insight they may be providing. Nightmares and insomnia can point to a need to unload subconscious fears with someone you trust. If at all possible, sign up for some therapy so you can hash out the heavy baggage that’s keeping you from being your usual light hearted self.

The Uplift | CapricornCapricorn (December 21 – January 20)

Capricorn: It’s time to get our the house and go play, Capricorn. The Taurus New Moon in the 4th is all about planting new seeds around your creativity and general lust for life. When’s the last time you’ve fallen head over heels in love? If you’re already partnered up with a lover, when’s the last time you’ve been swept off your feet or done that for them? Have you touched your side projects and hobbies lately or gone out to a show? Whatever the answer, use this energy to your benefit by getting your creative juices flowing and showing off what you can do. Mars moves into your House of Relationships on the 15th so you may find that your partners are a bit crabbier and fussier than usual. You may expend extra energy getting into arguments or find that they’re demanding more of your time and focus. Try to be sensitive to their needs and know that the defensiveness will pass eventually. The Full Moon in the 18th is all about spending time with friends and reflecting on your place in the world. Ask yourself how your creative gifts can help serve the whole. Friendships and projects that come to a conclusion at this time have met their natural end and it’s time for you to think of the next wish you’d like to work on and who you’ll gather by your side to help it come to fruition. By the time the Sun and Mercury roll into Gemini on the 21st you’ll be looking to craft a new schedule plus daily actionable steps you take to start seeing progress on your goals.

The Uplift | AquariusAquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius: After weeks of being focused on finances and busy work, May is the month to focus on taking care of your needs first, Waterbearer. Starting with the New Moon on the 4th set an intention to make your home life more comfortable and beautiful. Home can be where we unwind and settle into our most honest, carefree version of ourselves, so giving it the respect, attention and investment it deserves is doing the same for yourself. Get a new plant, put up some art, a coat of paint and some fresh linens and see how it restores your energy and focus. Mercury and Venus, from the 6th and 15th respectively will add to this focus on all things related to home, family, property and lineage. If you’ve been looking for a new place, this could be prime time to find a beautiful spot to call your own. Mars will energize and activate issues around your health and daily routines starting on the 15th. Consider how your emotions impact your ability to care for yourself and the tasks you have to tackle each day. Mars here can help get you going, but be careful of taking on too much, scattering your energy and falling into anxiety because you’ve piled too much on your plate. Move intuitively, acting on what feels right first could be the key to lower stress. Taking care of yourself ahead of the Full Moon on the 18th will make the attention you receive more manageable. You may find yourself in high demand because of your work so this is a good moment to put yourself out there and see you thrive in the public sphere. Here’s to your health & success!

The Uplift | PiscesPisces (February 18 – March 20)

Pisces: May starts off as a busy month for you, Pisces. The New Moon on the 4th wants you to open up all channels of communication and start chatting, writing and traveling around the neighborhood to get involved and engage with the world around you. This is a great time to put in work with your correspondence if your inbox has been overflowing. Signing up for classes, studying and or teaching new topics that interest you or just meeting up with close friends and siblings to catch up on what’s been going on in their life are all stimulated now. Pay attention to what you pick, as Mars moves into Cancer and drives you to take what you’ve been learning and put it to work in some fashion. Try not to overthink what you do as Mars in this sign acts on instinct and emotion. Relying on sensitivity and intuition will help you to play and create more freely. The Full Moon on the 18th wants you to connect to the big picture of your life. Look at how the details of your interests feed into your worldview. Is it satisfying? Does it spiritually lift you up? Look at ways that you can broaden your perspective by meeting new people from different parts of the world, reading about new philosophies and engaging with concepts that stimulate your imagination. It’s a big world out there, Pisces, go out and see it all.

The Uplift | AriesAries (March 20 – April 20)

Stacking money, money everywhere is your mantra for the month, Aries. May opens up with a New Moon on the 4th asking you to consider your finances and self-worth. How confident have you been feeling about yourself and is it being reflected in your bottom line? If you need a little help, Mercury and Venus will be joining the conversation to help you figure it all out. What’s of value to you? What do you want to invest in? How can you encourage more growth?
Pay attention to the changes in your value system this month, Ram. If cash no longer rules everything around you, what does? Uranus will be shaking up all things related to income, assets and self-worth over the next few years so try to roll with the changes you’re feeling around this area of your life. This is a good time to reflect upon your long term career goals and how you can get your money to serve you best while you steadily move towards your vision. Mars, your ruling planet, will be focused on Home and Family affairs starting on the 15th, when you may find yourself feeling more sensitive and emotional with a desire to stay at home to recharge rather than socializing, so make use of the downtime and try not to get into skirmishes with your family over pettiness. The Full Moon on the 18th will be illuminating the skeletons and emotional baggage that have been hanging around so that you can start to clear them out of your head. Imagine how many self-doubts, fears, debts (real and imagined) have been stopping you from getting your bag, Aries. It’s time to break free of your own limitations.


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