The Weekend Box: Aiming to Enhance Your Vegas Cannabis Experience

The first four days of recreational cannabis sales in Nevada generated more than $3 million in revenue.

In Las Vegas, some waited in line for hours to make a purchase, illustrating that Sin City’s cannabis industry has some adjustments to make if they want to swiftly accommodate their already robust medical market, or the more than 40 million visitors who frequent the city each year.

“Even if just 5% of those tourists want to visit a dispensary, the lines will be out the door and around the block,” said Krista Whitley, a Las Vegas-based serial entrepreneur and cannabis activist.

Whitley set out to help solve two key problems: to assist cannabis newbies who don’t know which products to choose, and to help emerging cannabis brands gain exposure.

Enter the Vegas Weekend Box, a curated cannabis experience.

The beautifully designed box comes equipped with 10 of the best cannabis products Nevada has to offer, including flower, oil and topicals.

In her venture, Whitley made unlikely collaborators out of the state’s top cannabis companies, creating a gift box filled with hand-selected products that can easily be picked up by tourists and enjoyed throughout their stay.

“Having a well-retailed product with the top items in the market makes it easy for budtenders to offer a quick solution for new consumers, and gets all of these top brands working together,” Whitley explained.

The market seems to agree. The first 10,000 units have been pre-sold, and are now available for sale.

The Weekend Box has a range of products, including the always-convenient pre-roll to the perfect-for-beginners transdermal patch by Manna Molecular. The patch allows users to absorb cannabis into the bloodstream, giving the feeling of a “warm hug” that lasts throughout the day.

Each month the Vegas Weekend Box will introduce newly vetted products curated by Whitley and her team. The Vegas Weekend Box also includes an educational element, with information on proper dosing and local regulations.


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