THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace: Stay Lit at Two Vegas Locations


  • Facebook: @ThriveNevada
  • Instagram: @thrivemarketplace
  • Website:
  • Location 1: 1112 S Commerce St. Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • Location 2: 2755 W Cheyenne Ave #103 North Las Vegas, NV 89032

THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace – Las Vegas, NV

THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace is not only a hip, affordable and reliable dispensary in Las Vegas, they have two super lit locations; one shop is nestled in the rapidly growing Arts District in Downtown Vegas, and the other is in the heart of sprawling North Las Vegas. Both shops feature a viridescent design with wood countertops ornamented with desert succulents and beautiful wooden floors. Digital boards in the waiting room and out on the dispensary floor provide creative flower menus that feature product tiers labeled “Dank,” “Danker” and “Dankest.”

THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace - Las Vegas, NV

The People

THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace employs a blooming, vibrant group of young and aspiring professionals. Both director of operations Gus D’Arthenay and CEO Mitch Britten oversee day-to-day operations out of their downtown location, where they can closely study market trends and influences to stay consistent with demand — and remain loyal to their customer base. They started designing and printing their own t-shirts to keep up with tourist demand for cannabis apparel, which their budtenders rock with style.

THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace - Las Vegas, NV

The Product

Designed to “change the discussion of cannabis and recreate the dialogue of the transaction,” THRIVE opts to display all their products based on effect and terpene profile, rather than by traditionally displaying merchandise in flower, edibles and concentrate categories. As D’Arthenay explains, “We only ask the customer one question: ‘How do you want to feel?’ It allows the customer to understand more of the plant and the varying effects that are presented by each product.” So you’ll find your indica-dominant and linalool-heavy products in the “Relax” section, and your sativa and limonene-rich ganja goods in the “Thrive” or “Create” sections. As far as I’m concerned, this is the most intuitive display I’ve seen provided for Las Vegas consumers wanting to understand the many ways cannabis can benefit the body and mind.

THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace - Las Vegas, NV

“‘We only ask the customer one question: How do you want to feel?’” — Gus D’Arthenay, Thrive Director of Operations

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