Here’s How to Fix Tiger vs. Phil: Justin Timberlake Anyone?

Tiger vs. Phil — the 18-hole golf PPV golf match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson — was the future of sports television, in a way, while it also left a lot to be desired.

The broadcast — which might have been the highlight of the tilt that was entirely too long — included the live betting lines on every hole and analytics that is sorely missing from every major sports telecast. Now that sports gambling is legalized, expect to see this integration in a big way in the near future.

Aside from that innovation, the battle between two of the greatest golfers ever featured very few entertaining moments because of poor play and a lack of entertaining personalities. But there are ways to fix these issues for next year when the two will surely tee off again.

Mandatory Wagers on Every Hole

We were promised wagers — and lots of ‘em — during the hype for the match, but there were very few bets throughout the 18 holes.

There should be a minimum of one bet per hole — whether that’s closest to the pin, hole winner, longest drive or whatever else they come up with. It would add some much-needed life to the viewing experience.

Add a Third Member to the Group

Bottom line: Tiger vs. Phil needs to be more entertaining. Unfortunately, the two golfers just don’t have the kind of chemistry that can carry a five-plus hour broadcast. And the quickest and easiest way to up the entertainment is to add a third member to the group.

A third pro golfer could work, or it would just make things more awkward, throwing off the dynamic of the match. Kind of like how a wrestling match completely changes when a one-on-one bout turns into a triple-threat slobberknocker.

The best solution is to add a celebrity. Sadly, if they decide to play on the Friday after Thanksgiving, that eliminates athletes who golf such as Steph Curry or Tony Romo.

If you want to play it safe, back the Brinks truck up for Justin Timberlake to be the third player and host. If you want it to be really fun, hire Desus and Mero — the popular late-night TV duo.

More Trash Talking

Like the high-stakes wagers, we were promised some serious trash talking between the two rivals — yet, when the match got going, there was barely any smack talk. It was rather disappointing.

Perhaps the addition of a third member would get the trash talking going. But if not, the two need to make a concerted effort to add more drama. If Tiger Woods doesn’t drop a yo mama joke on Phil Mickelson, then what’s the point of paying $19.99?

Add Golf Carts

A six-hour golf match between two players is waaaay too long. The best way to speed it up would be to allow the Woods and Mickelson to use golf carts.

The two can either share a golf cart to add more drama… or they could hire James Corden to do a Carpool Karaoke golf edition in between holes.

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