The Hot Box: Tiger Woods Is All the Way Back

Five years.

A harrowing 1,876 days.

That’s how long it had been since Tiger Woods won a PGA Tour event… until Sunday. That’s because at the Tour Championship on Sunday, Tiger Woods showed the world that he’s fully back to form. Capturing his 80th title in his career, Woods ended his five-year title drought, shooting 11 under for the tournament.

Woods’ long and arduous climb back to the top of the mountain through multiple back surgeries, off-the-fairway drama and poor play made it seem like the 14-time major champion would never win a tournament again. In fact, Woods even doubted himself through his tough recovery from barely being able to swing a golf club.

But Woods proved his many doubters wrong, and that the golfing world should be on notice: Tiger isn’t going anywhere.

The moment wasn’t lost on the crowd either. The thousands of fans who watched Tiger shoot one over par on the day, also swarmed the 18th green in anticipation of Tiger’s victory.

To completely capture the attention of the sporting world — especially during the peak hours of an NFL Sunday — Woods confirmed that he’s the biggest draw in sports 20 years into his remarkable career.

Tiger’s return to dominance proved, once again, that Woods is this generation’s greatest athlete. In an era that has included arguably the greatest football, basketball and tennis player ever, Tom Brady, LeBron James and Serena Williams, respectively, it is the beloved golfer who reigns supreme.

The one thing that each and every one of those stellar athletes has, on top of out-of-this-world talent and hard work, is longevity. The greats find a way to reinvent themselves as Father Time slowly takes away their gifts. Being able to adapt to a loss in athleticism and still dominate their respective sports is what makes these athletes the greatest of our generation.

But none of these superstars has been able to do what Tiger has done. Sure, they’ve all had to recover from injuries — minus James’ unbelievable luck to avoid major injury — but Tiger’s recovery is something else. Something of legend. Tiger will have a chance to build on his growing legacy when the majors come back around.

But people are no longer doubting if Tiger is back or not.

Sunday was a resound yes with an emphatic fist pump.


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