Titan Glassworks: Prehistoric Mixed Media Rigs (With Real Fossils!)


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Titan Glassworks – Evergreen, CO

Titan Glassworks is a mixture of items old and new; each finished piece forms its own beautiful blend of gems, fossils and hand-etched glass. Titan formed back in September 2015 when artists Sauce Glass and Brandon Evil teamed up to blend their glass-blowing and electroforming skills.

Titan Glassworks - Evergreen, CO

The engaging mixed media materials make for an eye-catching glass experience. The pieces are made in batches, and a fair amount of time is spent adding delicate intricacies and perfecting details with the electroforming process. The pieces vary in timing, but each unique piece can take anywhere from six to eight hours to make. The electroforming process utilizes electricity to break down and reform copper anodes, and can be used to attach lightweight items and metals to various surfaces.

Brandon, the company’s owner, wanted to incorporate something a little different—something to pique people’s curiosity—and originally tried to include teeth in some of their designs. Fossils became the more viable option and have become a primary enhancement on Titan Glassworks. The fossils bring a prehistoric touch to the art; one that makes the pieces seem timeless, ready to withstand the tokes of time. Most of the fossil pieces are around six million years old, but some of the fossils date back as far as 250 million years.

Titan Glassworks - Evergreen, CO

Since 2015, they’ve produced around 2500 pieces available at various glass shops around the country. Nowadays, Stephanie Spector, Brandon’s mom, is on staff. She helps design a majority of the pieces while Sauce and Brandon keep the production line in motion. More than anything, Titan Glassworks doesn’t want to get too big too fast, or get into a factory mindset. They’d rather stay small, and want to make their own pieces with quality, care and love—a testament to their ancient creations becoming new classics on the glass scene.

Titan Glassworks - Evergreen, CO


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