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Today’s Medicine Cabinet



Today's Medicine Cabinet

Falling ill in our society generally means opening the mirrored medicine cabinet in our bathroom and consuming various pharmaceutical “medicines” according to the dosing schedule on the label. Cold medicine, fever and headache reducers, and digestive aids commonly fill a remedy cupboard, all featuring their own warnings ranging from drowsiness to birth defects. Newer generations are learning firsthand lessons about man-made medicine, and the result is an increasing demand for a natural option. Fortunately, the therapeutic properties of cannabis are being uncovered at an astounding rate. With these discoveries comes the creation of cannabis-based medicines.


A basic tincture is made up of plant material and alcohol, and for that reason it’s one of the oldest forms of medicine. Today, there are tincture mediums in which you can suspend your essential plant oils, ranging from olive oil to vegetable glycerin. Tinctures are a fantastic alternative to store-bought medicine and can be applied either sublingually or topically. Alcohol-based cannabis tinctures have anti-inflammatory benefits and are very effective antiseptic agents for superficial wounds and scratches.


You can find tasty breath mints in nearly every store in America, but the downside to the convenience is the unnecessary ingredients listed on every package: aspartame, titanium dioxide, artificial flavors and colors are just a few. Fine & Dandies, an alternative and holistic health company based in Corvallis, Oregon, has created cannabinoid-infused breath mints without the extra ingredients. Essential oils and natural flavors combine with cannabis oil for an all-in-one breath freshener, any time.

Cannabis Oil

The ultimate heavyweight in the cannabis-powered medicine cabinet is a fully decarboxylated full extract cannabis oil. This concentrated essential oil is believed to be dense with disease-fighting cannabinoids and compounds. Cannabis oil is a broad spectrum medicine that can be used alongside other medicines to initiate healing. Medical cannabis patients use this oil when treating cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and more. Some oils are higher in THC; others are focused on CBD as the main compound. Both professional research and anecdotal evidence show that full or balanced spectrum cannabis oils are the most therapeutic. It is highly psychoactive and sedative, and Delta 9-THC (or activated THC) has been shown to kill cancer cells. Cannabis oil can be smoked, taken orally, or applied topically.


Leif Medicinals has produced an all-over topical infused with full extract cannabis oil. A potent and highly psychoactive concentrate of cannabis, their balms are widely believed to have therapeutic properties. Both Wood Balm (a combination of orange and cedarwood) and Field Balm (lavender and bergamot) are a necessity in the modern medicine cabinet to heal dry skin, eczema, and other skin irritations—and they smell amazing!

Bath Salts

Tense muscles, achy joints, and sore tendons often call for a long, hot bath. Bath additives such as soaking salts are very popular. Sacred Mind & Body’s Epsom Salt Soak infuses Epsom salt with their proprietary essential oil blend, which includes cannabis essential oil, high in both THC and CBD. These salts encourage relaxation and euphoria, lightening the spirit right along with tension.

Cough Syrup

Cough syrup brings bitter medicine taste to mind: that acrid, viscous flavor that made us all hide head under pillow as children. Dirty Arm Farm’s Lean Back Sizurp is designed to coat the throat and mitigate coughing. The thin, grape-flavored concoction recommends a dose of one ounce, which includes 80 to 100 mg of activated THC concentrate and 3.5 mg of cannabidiol. It’s a great way to say goodbye to your miserable cold.

CBD-Rich Buds

CBD-rich flower is an indispensable item in any modern medicine cabinet. TJ’s Organic Provisions has multiple strains that are high-CBD, one of which won the first annual DOPE Cup Oregon. Inhaling cannabis smoke packed with CBD is a great way to relieve a headache or unrelenting tension. CBD is shown to reduce inflammation and tension, even when inhaled. One other unique benefit found in a CBD-rich bud is the ability to counteract the dysphoria that some smokers experience after absorbing too much THC. Be sure to keep a clean glass piece handy, such as the Rasta-themed Sherlock pipe shown here. (Find your own at Thurman Street Collective.)
CBD-Rich Extract

TJ’s Organic Provisions also produces prefilled golden capsules of coconut oil and a high-CBD cannabis extract. Derived from their house flower stock, these capsules are a 5-mg dose, highly manageable even for beginners. Just remember to take it slow before taking more, just in case the dose was right the first time.

Delta 9-THC (or activated THC) has been shown to kill cancer cells.
Cannabis oil is rich in Omega-3, -6, and -9, offering more Omegas per serving than fish, nuts, or vegetable oils. (In fact, it’s only second on the list, just behind Chia seeds!)
Since cannabis oil is so rich in Omegas, it increases the efficacy of other medicinal plants when used in combination.

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