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In the culinary realm, there’s not much Boulder-based chef Hosea Rosenberg hasn’t achieved. After nabbing the booty on the fifth season of Top Chef in 2009 (Top Chef: New York), Rosenberg launched Blackbelly Catering and, soon thereafter, Blackbelly Farm.

The idea behind Blackbelly is to create food “from the source to the plate,” he writes on his website. Rosenberg wants his guests to not only know where his food comes from, but to ensure they are served the very best product.

Chef says Blackbelly Market is his home base, the center of a culinary universe: catering, the food truck, and now, the restaurant. He’s built a kitchen that can handle all of it, while serving some of Boulder’s—if not Colorado’s—best dining. Rosenberg’s culinary style is Colorado congruent. Recently at Blackbelly, Hosea served up a four-course harvest dinner with accompanying cannabis and cocktail pairings.

In addition to earning the Top Chef title, he boasts an impressive resume as an apprentice under Wolfgang Puck, a three-time winner of the Denver International Wine Festival’s “Taste of Elegance” competition, and a seven-time winner of the Flatiron Chef Competition. He maintains a presence in the wider culinary community as a chef and consultant for a number of organizations.

When asked what’s next, Rosenberg told DOPE, “I’m just trying to grow the brand. I don’t want to rest on things I’ve done, I want to keep pushing. My goal is to grow Blackbelly into more. We are going to open a boutique butcher shop next spring. I’d like to write a cookbook, open another restaurant or two, and continue to grow as a chef.” He did hint that there was more television in his future. I guess we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled.

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