The Topstone Vaporizer: Seamless Sophistication; Your Mother Will Never Know

The art, practice and ritual of consuming cannabis is changing rapidly. We’re breaking from the traditional stoner basement circles and bringing our lifestyle to the front lines. No longer do you need to hide your glass art before your parents come over. Both modern and luxurious, the Topstone vaporizer is a piece you’ll want to display.

Topstone elevates the vaporizer experience from taste, draw and pull to the flawless handcrafted and American made design itself. The elegance of this concentrate vaporizer is immediately noticed with the bocote hardwood mouthpiece, patented misted pyrex chamber and 3D printed base. Simple to clean and built to last, its beauty is undeniable and fits a multitude of settings. So go ahead, invite over the family and leave this out on display.

Price: $320

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