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The Future Is Cannabis And Sex: Transgender Cannabis Activist Buck Angel Speaks Out



EXPLORING SEX, LOVE, AND CANNABIS: Four Experts Weigh in on the Relationship Between Sex and Cannabis 3

I consider myself a human rights activist—with a twist. The twist is that I talk about sex as it relates to my body. Upon first read that might seem like a bizarre statement, so let me take a moment to explain.

I am a transgender man—born female and transitioned to male over 20 years ago. Over the years I’ve found the thing that often sets me apart from others in the transgender community is that I am very outspoken about my genitals. I like to talk about my vagina—A LOT! I know what you’re thinking. Vagina? Yes, I still have a vagina. I proudly display it, and talk about it in my activism. My openness about my body has allowed me to live a very successful life.

Advocacy for the transgender community has and will remain one of my greatest passions. It has been my life for many years. More recently, I have found a second passion—cannabis. I have been sober from drugs and alcohol for over 24 years—cannabis made my sobriety tolerable, and most importantly, possible. It was a game changer for me in regards to my anxiety and insomnia. I have a very busy life filled with traveling, speaking and advocacy engagements. I also film sex educational films, also known to certain circles as pornography. Throughout the years, my demanding schedule kept my mind running late into the night and I often had trouble shutting it off. Over time I became addicted to sleeping pills, and often found myself waking up in the morning feeling like crap. Then came my introduction to cannabis.

To be honest, I was originally afraid to consume cannabis, as I had been told it was a gateway drug and I feared it would lead me to begin using drugs and alcohol again. I had been free from the chains of drugs and alcohol for so long, and I didn’t want to ruin all of the years of hard work and dedication that led to my sobriety. But I decided to give it a try because I hated the prescription drugs I was consuming just to fall sleep at night. I’ve been using cannabis for almost five years now, and not once have I ever felt the need to use drugs or alcohol—my initial fears had been proven wrong. I am a man who believes in health and fitness; I eat great, I exercise regularly and I keep my brain free and clear. Cannabis has helped me stay focused and has aided in relieving my anxiety. Cannabis changed the quality of my life. I became a big believer in the plant.

One of the most amazing benefits of cannabis I’ve discovered are its effects on sex. I love sex, and sex has been one of the main ways I’ve been able to connect with my body. I was already pretty engaged sexually, but when I discovered how cannabis brought my sexual experience to a whole new evel of fun, I was hooked. When I united cannabis and sex, I discovered a freedom from the anxiety that sometimes occurs when you are “in the zone.” I found I was able to focus on the sensations in my body without the after effects that some other drugs can illicit. It’s an amazing experience that I believe can have profound, positive effects on our sex lives.

With our new freedoms as legal consumers, sex and cannabis has become something to celebrate. I don’t think we talk about it enough, or even have enough cannabis products marketed towards the relationship between the two. The sex industry is a billion dollar industry for a reason—it is natural for people to crave and partake in sex. The same can be said about the cannabis industry, and the potential of this union is mind blowing. These industries should be working hand-in-hand and learning from one another. As a man in both the sex and cannabis space, I have experienced anti-sex behavior from those who want to keep the two industries apart. I think the new generation of cannabis consumers have the ability to change that.

My hopes are that this industry doesn’t get taken over by the conservative right, who are so anti-sex that they won’t celebrate the sexual aspect of this new frontier. I am an activist, and will continue to fight for what I believe is inherently right. I will do all I can to fight against the close-minded desire to shut out the natural relationship between sex and cannabis. Sex is good; cannabis is good. Let’s stop shaming those who choose to combine the two in responsible ways. The future is cannabis and sex.


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