Tree House Collective: The Green Mile Starts Here


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Everyone takes care of one another at the Tree House Collective. The employees rotate between working the front desk and checking people in, or budtending in the back. Co-owners Nate Roszina and Justin Baker started their shop three years ago, and are still invested in every aspect of their business. On any given day, you will find one of them greeting customers as they walk in and happily budtending a customized hands-on experience. Their friendly employees offer a welcoming vibe and are dedicated to not just selling product, but getting to know their loyal, repeat customers.


The Place

The freestanding triangular building is located at the beginning of The Green Mile of Sandy Boulevard in Northeast Portland. Upon entering the dispensary, you’ll find yourself in a waiting room with comfy couches, music playing and smiling budtenders who seem to know every customer who walks in by name. Chill out and watch the nature images roll by on the television, or read a magazine while you wait for your individual budtender to greet you and guide your personalized shopping experience. Then enjoy the spacious shop decorated with an eclectic mixture of framed art and masks hung on the walls.


The Product

The shop divides products into two sections. Medical is located within an intimate space while Recreational occupies a larger room. The Recreational space has an abundance of glassware on display by Mike Luna, Big Z and Cowboy among others, and if you can imagine it, they have it; ice cream, soda, edibles of all kinds, oils, concentrates and flower. They are also the only shop featuring Eastwood Gardens’ flower and oil. When asked for a recommendation for Thanksgiving, Nate suggested Echo Electuary Honey Sticks or Ginger Chews—which will calm the nerves of your cooking chaos, while leaving you able to focus on not burning that turkey in the oven!

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