Trichome Tuesday: CO2 Company

Nestled aside a curvy mountain road amidst a forest of pine, The CO2 Company’s CBD garden grows along a grassy terraced hillside. Lush green bushes sway with the wind, filling the air with citrus scents and positive energy. A variety of cannabis genotypes and phenotypes are evident at first glance as some plants stretch far above their sisters. The squatter bushes appear further along into their flowering stage with dense, resinous buds stacked heavily in an even, spherical canopy. Planted intentionally, there are seven different CBD dominant phenotypes. While the plants appear different to the naked eye, their terpene and cannabinoid profiles are similarly unique. Each phenotype has a different cannabinoid ratio and subsequently different concentrations of terpenes. These organic varieties, ranging from a balanced 1:1 CBD:THC ratio flower to a 10:1 ratio, are processed into different concentrations that are beneficial for more patients with varying ailments. Because everyone’s endo-cannabinoid system is unique, this provides patients with increased options for their own personal treatment.

The dynamic founders and partners of The CO2 Company – Karen Sprague, David Tanksky, Ryan Walsh and Kevin Walsh – created a vertically integrated family business that works tirelessly to bring clean medicine to patients while pushing the industry forward in a positive direction for the medical community. It all begins with clean, organic cannabis flower. The evolution is processing those beautiful flowers into concentrated botanical oil. These oils can be dabbed, vaporized in elegant CO2 Company pens or dosed into numerous medical products empowering patients to choose their preferred method of consumption. Emphasizing its commitment to clean medicine and transparency for patients and authorities alike, The CO2 Company works closely with OG Analytical labs to provide quality controlled products free of pesticides and solvent residuals. Similarly, it collaborates with medical growers to help spread their wealth of knowledge in organic gardening and pest management.

The same love and hard work is put into growing THC dominant strains at a separate community garden. Caged and supported with systematic perfection, these organic beauties are stimulated by the perfect mix of strong Southern Oregon sun and living organic soil. One of the largest challenges to running an effective medical marijuana business is having enough clean material to analytically authenticate, package, and brand. Through hard work and trial and error, it’s obvious that The CO2 Company has the experience, procedures and organization to produce top quality organic medicine.   Check out the Sungrowers Association in Southern Oregon for ways to get involved and learn from leaders like The CO2 Company.

From seed to final sale, their intentions are clear – proliferate organic medicine and empower the community.

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