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Triple Chem: Triple the Pleasure, Triple the Fun



Triple Chem by Oleum Extracts

Triple Chem by Oleum Extracts

Let the record show: Oleum Extracts does not mess around. Their Triple Chem Extract Cartridge is mean, pristine and rocking almost five percent terpenes. This cartridge and accompanying G-Pen Gio were a vital part of my recent weekend reset — which involved nothing short of a sailboat, picturesque weather and an introspective attitude. The closed-pod system produced smooth, clean hits that helped unleash the gravity holding down everything in my mind. The high set in quickly and the skunky terpenes resulted in a dank-smelling sailboat and a gigantic, shit-eating grin on my face. Cheers to cannabis-induced introspection!

Triple Chem by Oleum Extracts

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