True OG: Powerful Bud with Mood-Accentuating High


  • Test Results: 20.2% THC | 4% CBD
  • Tested By: Confidence Analytics |
  • Instagram: @alistcannabis
  • Twitter: @AListCannabis
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True OG by A-List Cannabis Club

A-List Cannabis Club’s True OG is a power-packed indica OG Kush that’s won award after award. This bud is like the Tom Brady of the weed world: a handsome, muscular flower that’s had success throughout the years but also has its share of baggage. It’s certainly not a great starter bowl for novices, or for the weak-lunged — grinder recommended! But the sturdy bud’s aroma, which reminded my nose of lavender mixed with a pinch of clove, accentuates its adventurous qualities. This is a perfect option for the seasoned smoker and one that will accentuate the imbiber’s emotions. Feeling goofy? You’ll feel much goofier. Feeling thoughtful? Get ready for philosophical daydreams. Want to rest? Prepare to catch some Z’s.

True OG by A-List Cannabis Club

Available At…

  1. Emerald Haze Cannabis Emporium: 4033 NE Sunset Blvd #5., Renton, WA 98056
  2. Green-Theory BelRed: 1940 124th Ave NE A-101, Bellevue, WA 98005
  3. Diego Pellicer: 2215 4th Ave S., Seattle, WA 98134

Jacob Uitti

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