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Seattle Chef Unika Noiel Serves Up A High-Minded Meal: Delicious Stoner Soul Food

When you think about edibles, it’s more than likely you imagine something sweet: a brownie, a chocolate or even those delicious high-inducing gummy worms.



When you think about edibles, it’s more than likely you imagine something sweet: a brownie, a chocolate or even those delicious high-inducing gummy worms. But Seattle-based chef, Unika Noiel, upon being introduced to the world of edibles, recently decided to put her own twist on the idea. She began experimenting with peanut butter, infused flour and, later, with savory eats. Now, Noiel has started a new pop-up affair, “Fellowship,” which serves a multi-course batch of—yes, infused soul food.

“A few years ago I was given an infused lollipop and it was something I had such a good experience with,” says the chef. “So I wanted to explore that more and more.”

Noiel’s Fellowship dinner, the first ofwhich occurred Monday (June 26th), is an invitation-only private event with tickets selling for $50 each. The menu offers a decadent and rich four-course meal beginning with a delicious infused chicken liver pâté on an infused homemade baguette with pickled huckleberries and greens. This was served beside a poached shrimp resting on a bed of infused, airy homemade cream cheese on a cracker with infused roasted tomato cocktail sauce.

The chef, a longtime fan of family-style service, catered to her dozen-or-so guests seated together around a long dining space. “I wanted people sitting together whether they knew each other or not,” Noiel says. “Even though people associate the word with church – or Lord of the Rings – the idea of a ‘fellowship’ really spoke to me.”

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Following the appetizers, a fresh bowl of watermelon salad, complete with infused dressing and crumbled feta cheese, hit the table. Next up after the palate-cleansing salad came the main course: a succulent batch of fried chicken with infused flour-based batter, mashed potatoes with infused dressing and “melted green beans,” which tasted like an umami-laden treat. To top everything off, Noiel also served infused cornbreadand finished the meal with infused banana pudding.

Now, here’s the brief disclaimer: adding up all of the milligrams of THC—totaling maybe 25-30—the giant meal, which featured some items that were not infused, was not for the rookie consumer. For reference, the average chocolate bought in a dispensary is about 10mg. Doubling or tripling that dosage is only for the longtime digester of THC. Those not fully acclimated might want to treat Noiel’s offering in snack form, not meal-form. Or at least consult her with your relationship to cannabis. But, all that being said, the meal was flavorful, satisfying and left its patrons, visible from the smiles on their faces around the table, on Cloud 9.

“I want people to leave like they’re walking on air,” the proud chef explains. “With a full belly and a euphoric feeling. I want the music and the vibe and the atmosphere to be one of love.”

For more information on Noiel’s upcoming events, visit her Luvn Kitchn Facebook or Instagram pages.


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