Urban Farms

The Place

Located in Longview, Washington, Urban Farms is a Tier 2 cannabis garden featuring 14,000 square feet of cultivation operations. While Urban Farms is a recreational cannabis business in the I-502 arena, its roots in the medical marijuana community are undeniable. John Jensen makes the core values of the company clear—one of their main driving forces being the strong desire to heal the bridge between the recreational and medical communities in Washington state. Beyond that, Urban Farms is also focused on collaboration before competition, working with the state to be able to operate as a subcontractor in the industry via a specialty license. As Jensen put it, “We want to work within the community. This shouldn’t be a competition. We’re trying to build a sustainable industry.”

The People

The team at Urban Farms brings over 200 years of experience from the once underground-only industry. It is family-owned and operated, with an additional staff of 12 to help tend to the everyday operations. Here, no job titles dictate your duties or value—everybody does everything and they all share the credit for a job well done. Jensen’s roots go back decades and he is quick to say that he never thought he’d see cannabis legalized in his lifetime. Even during his first battle with a brain tumor in 1987, Jensen didn’t associate his cannabis smoking with alleviating the side effects of his chemotherapy. “Back then, it didn’t even register in our own minds that it was helping us medicinally. We always figured it must’ve been the orange juice we had with breakfast, or the three Hail Marys said before going into the hospital. And look at where we are now,” he commented.

The Plants

While Urban Farms has old-school roots, they don’t shy away from new technologies. Indeed, it is their blend of cultivation techniques that makes them a standout. Their recent work with LED lights accompanied by dry ice and proper airflow, rather than AC, produced a high-quality end product with strong yields. Their signature strains are Double Dream and Dutch Treat—two truly exceptional specimens in the 502 market. And when it comes to genetics, they search out breeders before the strain, always making sure that they know the necessary environment before bringing in any new plants. Once those plants are growing at Urban Farms, you’ll see nothing but love and care, plus the occasional wink and whistle and “hey girl” at Mary Jane in all her growing glory.

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