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Urban Pharm: Where the Fun Times Roll



Urban Pharm - San Francisco, CA

Urban Pharm – San Francisco, CA

Entering Urban Pharm feels like hopping into a steampunk time machine; edgy design can be seen in wall detail metalwork, hearkening to a fantastical era. This time portal re-envisioned Urban Pharm into a recreational cannabis store, as well as one of the longest-running San Francisco torch clubs. I browsed high-quality product, then took a moment to check out a bong and test some oil on an e-nail. “We want this to be a safe place for you to purchase and consume your cannabis,” says manager and marketing specialist Andrew Garcia. It’s a well-stocked inner-city cannabis club with a welcoming vibe. One could be in-and-out or stay a while. They host events like Comedy Night Thursdays and Ladies Night Fridays — the latter of which offers dollar dabs for all!

Urban Pharm - San Francisco, CA

The People

Walking into their lounge in the morning, I overheard fresh ideas brewing. Urban Pharm is a therapeutic hub for artists, startup employees, construction workers and law figures, to name a few. Consultants are attentive. They only recommend products they would consume themselves or recommend to a loved one.“We try to keep the vibe in here like ‘Cheers,’ where everyone knows your name, but if we don’t, we’ll make you feel like we do,”declares Garcia. He invited me to visit Thursday’s comedy night, where I watched the pressure of a mellow crowd cook some entertainers, while others were stand-up professionals. The activity encouraged people to get to know one another and customers at the counter to stay a little longer.

Urban Pharm - San Francisco, CA

The Product

Urban Pharm carries strains appealing to connoisseurs, but people who prefer reliable, popular growers like Northern Emeralds and FloraCal can find their go-to brands here as well. Their house grower, North Country Farms, grew Wedding Cake, a strain testing in at an extremely high 38 percent THC! It sold out within a couple days. The club is focused on terpenes and offers an outstanding concentrate selection. There is something for everyone at Urban Pharm, from encouraging self-care to caring for beloved pets.

Urban Pharm - San Francisco, CA

“We try to keep the vibe in here like ‘Cheers,’ where everyone knows your name, but if we don’t, we’ll make you feel like we do.” – Andrew Garcia, Urban Pharm manager and marketing specialist



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