Love Buds: Strains to Share Together


Love is in the air and we invite you to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year in classic DOPE fashion, with piles upon piles of sweet herb. Smoke and snuggle up with your sexy sweetheart for a special evening of laughter and cuddling. Here are some of our favorite strains sure to leave you and your lover in the passionate throes of Mary Jane.


Who needs a box of chocolates when you could have a big, sticky bag of Chocolope? Give your loved one a treat they will remember. Almost a pure sativa, Chocolope has made the rounds at cannabis cups all over the world, winning awards at every stop along the way due to its unique taste and invigorating effects. The robust chocolate flavor is a perfect complement to a glass of Pinot Noir after a romantic dinner.


Dense as a rock with enough trichomes to make it sparkle from across the room, Diamond OG has quite the appropriate name. Its funky aroma and flavor are unmistakably descendent from OG Kush, and the euphoric effects are excellent for fostering good will and closeness in relationships. Keep in mind: an eighth (or even an ounce) of this stuff is much cheaper than that 14 karat ring and a lot easier to get high with.


Cupid’s favorite bud is the perfect choice for an energetic evening with the significant other. Extremely stimulating, Love Potion #1 is known to exhibit potent aphrodisiac properties and increase libido. Take a toke or two of this and what was once a dormant ember will be ignited into a flaming inferno of desire. It also has a pleasant citrus taste that pairs nicely with white wines, making it an ideal accompaniment for a steamy date night.


With a 25-to-1 ratio of CBD to THC, Valentine X is one of the most prized strains by those looking for significant healing. Named after St. Valentine, the patron saint of epilepsy, it has shown promise in treating seizure disorders. As a CBD-rich strain, it isn’t as stimulating as some of the other strains on our list. However, if inflammation is an impediment, try simply taking a few puffs of this first.


This Kush cross is one spectacularly sweet strain. OG is crossed with Trainwreck, both of which are better known for their pine and earthy scents (but Kandy Kush smells more of ripe fruit and lemon candy). Give it a try and treat your taste buds to some delectable candy without any of the calories! Lovebirds will want nothing more than to lay in each other’s arms after finishing off a joint of this stuff.

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