Vanilla Berry Pie: Not Your Grandma’s Pie


  • Test Results: 17.5% THC | 0.01% CBD
  • Tested By: Testing Technologies Inc. |
  • Instagram: @1937farms
  • Website:

Vanilla Berry Pie by 1937 Farms

Just like pie at a family gathering, Vanilla Berry Pie from 1937 Farms is the perfect after-dinner treat. This indica-dominant strain grows large, deep purple buds heavily encrusted in trichomes which give the bud a frosted appearance. With a very earthy, sweet and berry smell, the taste of this flower lingers a bit on the tongue after inhaling. This strain may leave you feeling seriously lazy — its effects hit the head almost immediately and slowly creep into the body. Be careful smoking this stuff during the day … it left me feeling the need to nod off mid-afternoon.

Vanilla Berry Pie by 1937 Farms

Available At…

WWA Locations:

  1. All Evergreen Market Locations
  2. All Unkle Ike’s Locations
  3. All Have a Heart Locations

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