VAPEN’s King Louie XIII OG Clear

VAPEN’s King Louie XIII OG Clear

A little dab’ll do ya…

Test Results: THC: 89.92% | Tested by: C4 LABS


Seriously though, King Louie packs a punch and he has a fist full of quarters. This potent, top-shelf indica dominant strain is a descendant of OG Kush and takes its name from the 17th Century French Monarch. Traditionally recognized by its overly pungent aroma and piney profile, Louie came on strong and left me in a forest of flavonoids.

Served up in a glass syringe and packaged in its own cushion case tin, this solvent-free clear concentrate is a ‘clear’ standout. Its rich, honey-hue had my mouth watering as my rig heated up, giving me time to truly admire the transparent amber nectar I held in my hand. 710…here we go.

With no need for a tool, I dripped it like syrup from the syringe directly on my e-nail, it dissolved completely, leaving nothing behind and filled my lungs with a huge plume of skunky smoke. Instantly I was transported to fluffy cloud of euphoria. My monkey mind stopped whirling, my aching muscles stopped screaming and my anxiety evaporated. It was like being in the eye of the storm, perfectly calm.

Long after the deep, earthy terpenes had stopped dancing on my tongue, Louie was still taking me for a ride. Four, five, six hours later and I still felt totally relaxed and stress free. This hard-hitting indica is an ideal night time concentrate and a perfect option for patients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. I know one thing, if VAPEN is on the menu, the choice is clear.

king louie
VAPEN’s King Louie XIII OG Clear

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